Types of Rehab

Types of RehabAddictions can take on a variety of forms, and it’s necessary to receive appropriate treatment your specific type of addiction. Rehab facilities treat the following drug addictions, and each addiction has its own specific requirements:

Different Types of Rehab for Treating Drug Addiction

All addicts are treated using shared techniques, but certain addictions require more specialized care. There are two main categories of drug addiction that can dictate the types of treatment required. These categories are:

  • Psychological addictions. It’s believed that addictions to drugs like marijuana occur due to a psychological need for the drug. The body does not come to depend on a drug physically, but you will experience cravings because you want to feel the effects of the drug again.
  • Physical addictions. The majority of the drugs outlined above, with the exception of marijuana and cocaine, are considered physically addictive. This means that a tolerance is built up, and your body essentially needs the drug to continue functioning as it has become accustomed to functioning. Because of this, when you stop using the drug, you experience withdrawal symptoms.

Often, both psychological and physical addictions are treated at the same types of rehab centers, but there is one component of treatment required only for physical addictions and that’s detox.

Detox for Drug Addiction

Detox is required to treat physical addictions and help addicts cope with the withdrawal symptoms that surface. Many of these symptoms can be dangerous and even life-threatening, so medical help is necessary. This ensures the health and safety of an addict, and reduces the chances of relapse.

Some rehab facilities will offer detox services on site, while others will require patients to enroll in detox before attending their treatment program.

Types of Rehab Treatment Facilities

After attending a detox program, if required, addictions to drugs and alcohol can be treated by attending rehab. If you’re an addict, you can choose from the following common rehab options:

  • Outpatient treatment centers. If you choose to attend an outpatient treatment center, you will attend counseling sessions, individualized therapy sessions, drug testing and other scheduled activities. Throughout the process, you live at home.
  • Inpatient treatment centers. With inpatient treatment, many of the components of outpatient care are offered, but you also remain living at the rehab facility. There are many additional amenities that are offered with inpatient treatment, and you also have more limited access to the outside world, thereby reducing the likelihood of relapse during treatment.
  • Holistic rehab centers. Holistic rehab centers rely upon more natural methods for drug recovery rather than traditional medicine and psychological therapy.
  • Dual Diagnosis rehab centers. These treatment facilities are focused on treating patients who have diagnosable mental health conditions that are linked to their addictions. Both addiction and mental health recovery are focused on equally in this type of program.

Finding Different Types of Rehab Centers

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