Addiction Assessment

Addiction AssessmentThe first step in the addiction treatment process is an addiction assessment. An addiction assessment allows professionals to evaluate such things as the following:

  • The severity of your addiction
  • Your addiction history
  • Any underlying mental health issues
  • Your willingness and ability to change

Each of these assessment areas will impact your treatment plan and ensure you receive the care that will offer you the best chance at recovery.

Addiction Self-Assessment for Seattle Residents

A self-assessment is a series of questions to help you learn about your own addiction behavior and risk. Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest with your answers:

  • Have you ever decided to stop using but found yourself unable to quit?
  • Have others been critical of your drinking or drug use?
  • Have you been in trouble at school, work or with the law as a result of drinking or drug use?
  • Has your drug use or drinking caused problems at home with your family, children, parents or spouse?
  • Have you missed school, work or important family commitments because you were high, hung over or drunk?

If you are ready for change and ready to get to the bottom of your addiction, call our toll-free helpline and begin the assessment process today. Seattle residents can get a free and confidential addiction assessment from our experienced recovery counselors.

Environment Affects Addiction for Seattle Residents

Families and relationships are powerful forces in our lives for good and for bad. People who struggle with addictive behaviors may come by that struggle quite naturally, as aspects of addiction are genetic. Others are drawn to people with similar addictive behaviors or personalities and in doing so place themselves in destructive environments. A quality addiction assessment will explore your family history and your habits and behaviors in Seattle to determine how your environment contributes to drug use.

Mental Health Issues Affect Addiction in Seattle Residents

Mental health issues feed any drug or alcohol addiction. Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders exacerbate addictive behaviors, making recovery an even bigger challenge for Seattle residents. A thorough assessment will determine if there are any underlying mental health issues complicating your situation. Dual Diagnosis treatment is available for Seattle residents who struggle with mental health issues, and lasting recovery can be found.

Motivation for Seattle Residents to Recover from Addiction

Change requires motivation. An important part of the addiction assessment process is getting an accurate picture of a Seattle resident’s motivation for change. Uncovering the motivation for change and reinforcing it is crucial to success, and, if motivation is lacking, an assessment can determine the need for motivational therapy as a part of the recovery process.

Seattle residents may undergo assessment during a time of crisis such as an arrest or emergency room admittance. Addiction assessment by a non-judgmental and empathetic professional during times of crisis or during the early stages of treatment will pave the way for recovery.

Seattle Residents Can Get an Addiction Assessment

A thorough addiction assessment may seem intrusive and personal, but it is the first step toward getting appropriate and effective addiction treatment. An assessment is the first step toward getting your life back from addiction. Call our toll-free helpline to receive a free addiction assessment and to learn more about recovery options for you or a loved one. We are here 24 hours a day, so please don’t wait. Call now.