Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Adventure Therapy for Addiction RecoveryAdventure therapy is a therapeutic process in which addicts participate in various activities as part of an overall treatment program. Many adventure therapy activities occur outside, while some of the activities remain indoors. All activities share an element of perceived and/or actual risk. A professional leads patients through exercises such as trust-building activities that promote communication, challenge thought patterns, simulate brain power and remove individuals from their day-to-day environments. This form of therapy can be an effective part of an overall addiction recovery program for Seattle residents.

How Does Adventure Therapy Help Seattle Residents Recovery from Addiction?

Removing a recovering addict from his or her comfort zone in Seattle can promote sharing and positive decision making. Adventure therapy helps by encouraging participation in the following:

  • Cooperative games
  • Problem-solving initiatives
  • Trust-building exercises

Adventure therapy helps recovering addicts learn to make good decisions. Adventure therapy sets goals that each addict needs to accomplish, and it boosts self-esteem and confidence which may otherwise be missing during the recovery process.

How Do Seattle Residents Know If Adventure Therapy Is the Right Choice for Recovery?

There are many treatment programs available to addicts seeking a drug or alcohol-free life. Adventure therapy can help addicts escape while learning life skills that will help them achieve and maintain sobriety. After adventure therapy recovering Seattle residents will learn to do the following to stay clean and maintain recovery:

  • Work every day to protect sobriety
  • Build a solid sober foundation
  • Keep in touch with others in recovery
  • Reach out when help is needed

Adventure therapy helps the recovering addict learn these skills. It involves hard work to complete tasks, building solid relationships with other group members by communicating effectively and asking for help when needed. If you need to escape your current situation and like adventure, adventure therapy might be the solution for your sobriety.

Adventure Therapy and Addiction Treatment for Seattle Residents

Learn about adventure therapy and your options for addiction recovery. Call our toll-free helpline, if you or a loved one struggling with addiction. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day, and we can help you find the right program for your unique situation. We can help, so please call now.