Alcohol Addiction Counselor

Alcohol Addiction CounselorAlcohol, like most other chemically addictive substances, alters a Seattle resident’s mind, body and emotions in numerous ways. It hinders a user’s ability to function normally, so although alcohol addiction is treatable, you can’t beat it alone.

Why Alcohol Addiction Help Is Necessary for Seattle Residents

Alcoholics trying to recover without professional help or counseling will find that their lives continue to spin out of control. Addiction leads to the risk of disability or death, and alcoholism affects both drinkers in Seattle and their loved ones and those surrounding them. The best chance of recovery comes from a well-administered and thought out treatment plan provided in a controlled environment. The process should be supervised by professionals who specifically cater to each Seattle resident’s needs. Successful alcohol addiction counseling in recovery focuses on physical addiction as well as the underlying issues that cause the alcoholism.

Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Counseling for Seattle Residents

The battle against alcoholism is not fully won after detox or physical addiction recovery. Alcohol addiction doesn’t form overnight. Becoming an alcoholic takes time, and becoming a recovering alcoholic is no different. While attending alcohol addiction counseling during the detox process is a good start, post-detox is when alcohol addiction counseling is crucial for Seattle residents.

Alcohol addiction counseling has much to offer an alcoholic striving for long-term sobriety. Addiction counselors educate patients on the harmful effects of drinking and help them understand the deeper issues associated with their alcoholism. Therapy gives the patient the support needed to quit, get through the withdrawal process and maintain a satisfying life in Seattle without fear of falling back into vicious addictive cycle. Counseling helps individuals learn coping mechanisms for when they face temptation to relapse.

What Seattle Residents Can Expect from an Alcohol Addiction Counselor

An alcohol addiction counselor will do the following:

  • Listen to individual’s needs
  • Help Seattle residents recognize and overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors
  • Suggest and encourage taking steps toward positive changes
  • Motivate personal growth with education

Some individuals will find the thought of therapy embarrassing, belittling or even intimidating, but addiction counselors are sympathetic and understand the realities of alcoholism. Individuals become counselors because they want to provide individuals the opportunity to live a healthy life in Seattle. When you work with an addiction counselor, you can expect the following:

  • Therapy is a partnership. Both the counselor and the patient are working together in collaboration to continue long-term sobriety.
  • Therapy does not always feel pleasurable. Talking through painful memories or frustrations from the past may bring unpleasant emotions to the surface. Communication with your therapist is vital when negative feelings arise.
  • Therapy is a safe place. Even when dealing with personal issues that are sensitive and challenging a patient will always be in a safe and supportive environment.

Finding an Alcohol Addiction Counselor for Seattle Residents

If an individual has spent time in a drug and alcohol treatment facility, more than likely they have worked with or been offered the services of an alcohol addiction counselor. This, however, is not the only place alcohol addiction counselors work; other places that provide counseling are as follows:

  • Half-way houses
  • Homeless shelters
  • Hospitals
  • In or outpatient therapy (individual or group)
  • Jails and prisons
  • Social welfare agencies
  • State and community departments

Types of Alcohol Addiction Counseling for Seattle Residents

The level of alcoholism varies in degree with each alcoholic in Seattle. Each alcoholic has unique individual needs in terms of the best treatment and recovery programs, and alcohol addiction counseling or therapy can be customized for the individual and is offered in many forms such as the following:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group sessions
  • Online addiction counseling
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Inpatient rehab services

Recovery from Alcoholism

The length of recovery time depends on the following:

  • How much physical damage has been done by alcoholism
  • How much emotional rebuilding needs to be done
  • How effective, supportive and valuable are the surrounding relationships

Permanent recovery from alcoholism can’t be guaranteed, as addictions are extremely complicated in nature. The long-term recovery success rate is lower in individuals who do not continue with follow-up counseling, and relapse happens for many reasons including social pressure and environment. There is hope for triumph over alcohol addiction for Seattle residents who are committed to their recovery. As long as you have the personal dedication and solid support system of loved ones and recovery professionals, you can find and maintain an alcohol-free life in Seattle.

Seattle Residents Can Get Connected to an Alcohol Addiction Counselor

Are you or someone you love a recovering alcoholic dealing with the fear of relapse? Are you trapped by alcohol addiction and don’t know where to turn? Please make the choice today to seek help and find a life free from alcohol. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline, and regain control of your life in Seattle.