Alcoholism Treatment for Seattle Residents

Alcoholism TreatmentIf you live in Seattle and are suffering from alcoholism, it is time for you to start recognizing your need for help. There are many signs that you or someone you love will be able to detect that are characteristic of alcoholism.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

The physical signs of alcoholism should be enough for you to recognize that there’s a problem. Since often alcoholics are in denial, however, you may need to rely upon others to recognize them for you.

  • Withdrawal symptoms. If you break your normal cycle of alcoholism for even a short period of time, you may find that you start to experience some withdrawal symptoms. These can include nausea, vomiting, the shakes and other bad sensations. Alcohol withdrawal is like a severe hangover.
  • Changes in body size. Individuals who are compulsive drinkers will often lose or gain weight.
  • Pale skin and bloodshot eyes. Alcohol takes a major toll on one’s physical appearance. You may look in the mirror and see that you appear pale or have bloodshot eyes.

In addition to the physical signs of alcoholism, there are behavioral changes alcoholics can experience as well.

Behavioral Signs of Alcoholism

These behavioral signs can be better detected by individuals close to an alcoholic; you may not be able to spot them yourself.

  • Changes in finances and spending habits. Alcoholics who spend all their money on fueling their addiction are likely to be low on cash. They may be asking friends and family for money, or find themselves unable to pay their bills.
  • Changes in attitude. Long-term alcoholics are rarely happy drunks. They may become easily irritated or aggressive. This is often taken out on individuals closest to the alcoholic.
  • Changes in friends. Alcoholics will often begin to spend time around those who encourage their alcohol abuse . This means they will leave behind the friends that may be positive influences on their lives.  Or, they may simply become isolated and choose not to spend time with anyone.

If you are experiencing these signs of alcohol abuse, you need treatment help.

Treatment Help for Seattle Alcoholics

Call us today and we’ll help you find treatment for your alcoholism problem. We’re also here to help if you suspect alcoholism in someone you love. The call is free and totally confidential.