Am I Experiencing Drug Cravings?

Am I Experiencing Drug Cravings?Drug use leads to drug tolerance and addiction, and drug cravings are a result of addiction. Drug cravings are intense urges to consume drugs. These urges are similar to natural survival instincts such as cravings for food or sex. Seattle residents may feel as though they need the drug or have to have the drug in order to survive.

Causes of Drug Cravings in Seattle Residents

Drug use releases chemicals in the brain that cause feelings of pleasure. As the brain and body begin to crave this release of chemicals, users experience drug cravings. Since these chemicals are released in unnaturally large quantities during drug use, users may be unable to experience pleasure in natural forms outside of drug use which increases the user’s desire to take drugs and to take drugs in larger doses.

Triggers for Drug Cravings

Drug use or craving triggers can be mental or environmental and may include the following:

  • Thinking about the drug
  • Thinking about experiences of past drug use
  • Feeling bored, lonely, angry, frustrated or stressed
  • Being around friends or places associated with drug use
  • Smells or sounds that are associated with drug use
  • Seeing drug paraphernalia

Cues can be anything associated with drug use that causes Seattle users to feel a strong desire to take the drug.

What Are Drug Cravings?

Drug cravings result in both psychological and physical symptoms such as the following:

  • Obsessive thoughts about the drug or taking the drug
  • Denial of a drug problem or the negative consequences of taking the drug
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Rapid breathing
  • Increased heart rate

These symptoms typically peak in a few minutes and then fade gradually, until the craving passes.

Managing Drug Cravings

Although cravings may seem uncontrollable, Seattle residents can tolerate cravings and resist drug use. The following are common techniques to manage drug cravings:

  • Focusing on another activity such as something physical like walking can help distract users from drug cravings.
  • Confiding in a trusted friend or therapist can help users feel less vulnerable and more in control of their actions. Talking with others can counteract lies such as, “I need this drug to survive” or, “I am not strong enough to resist this craving.”
  • Indentifying the cues that trigger drug cravings can help users avoid triggers or manage those that cannot be avoided.
  • Recalling the negative consequences of drug use can help users resist drug cravings. Users may find it helpful to write these down, as it can be difficult to focus on the negative aspects of drug use when feeling overwhelming desire for the drug.

As Seattle residents resist drug cravings, the intensity of the cravings decreases and cravings become more manageable.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Drug Cravings?

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and drug cravings, help is available. Please call our toll-free number. We are here 24 hours a day to offer more information about drug addiction, drug cravings and treatment options. Call us today.