Avoiding Family Arguments about Addiction

Avoiding Family Arguments about AddictionAddiction changes people. It not only changes the addicts, but it also impacts the lives of those who come in contact with them. Seattle family members are often those who bear the most stress. Family arguments related to addiction are common, and it’s unrealistic to avoid them completely. However, it’s possible to minimize them and to decrease their frequency and intensity.

How Seattle Families Can Address Addiction

Many family arguments arise from how an addicted prioritizes drug or alcohol use. Many addicts fail to meet responsibilities, and family members tend to feel neglected and abandoned. Seattle addicts often lie about their substance use or steal to support their habit. These behaviors lead to anger and loss of trust.

Before conflicts arise, set some goals for recovery and consider the best ways to achieve them. Many Seattle families want to help their addicted loved ones overcome denial and seek treatment. A significant way to achieve this goal is to refuse to protect the addict from the consequences of addiction, except when safety issues are involved. This may mean refusing to loan money or cover up mistakes.

When possible, Seattle family members should communicate these decisions to the addict in a calm and factual manner. However, even when families peacefully communicate these decisions, an addict may react with anger. When this occurs, family members should simply re-state their explanations as calmly as possible. Emphasize the love and concern that motivated the choice. Name-calling, blaming and accusing are generally counterproductive and likely to make addicted family members defensive.

Seattle Addiction Help

Family members may have a great deal of hurt and anger, and these feelings need to be processed in a positive way. Counselors can be help in this regard. It’s a good idea for family members to attend support groups like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon which are designed for supporting victims of addiction. Online groups can also provide support and encouragement.

Sometimes Seattle family members decide to hold a formal intervention to help a loved one overcome denial and seek professional treatment. It’s possible for family and friends to plan and execute interventions themselves, but many hire a professional interventionist. Professional can avoid problems that may arise from family tension.

If you or a Seattle loved one is caught in addiction and you’re ready to look at treatment options, we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and let us answer your questions. We understand the issues and we know recovery is possible. If finances are a concern, we can check your insurance coverage for you at no cost or obligation. Someone is ready to take your call now. Let us help carry the burden.