Bellevue Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

Bellevue Drug RehabilitationBellevue, Washington is located across Lake Washington from the city of Seattle. Its population in 2010 was around 124,000 and growing. Long considered a suburb of Seattle, Bellevue is thought to be an “edge city,” because of its blossoming nightlife, shopping and entertainment industries. In 2010, Bellevue was ranked the fourth best city to live in by CNN Money. The unemployment rates are low, real estate is reasonable and the schools in the region are ranked high nationally. Bellevue is, for many people, an ideal place to live.

However, as with any fast growing city, drugs in Bellevue have become more accessible and usage rates have increased in recent years. Residents of Bellevue are exposed to drug addiction in the same ways any growing metropolis might be. Having available treatment facilities for the residents of Bellevue is a necessity.

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment for Bellevue Residents

Drug rehabilitation treatment is a widely varied, individualized process. Each patient who enters into a drug rehabilitation facility will meet with an intake counselor to discuss their particular addiction and how best to treat it. Any drug rehabilitation program you choose to enter should take into account the nature of your addiction, the type of substance you are addicted to and the kind of support you have at home. In rehab, patients are given access to medical professionals and counselors while they attend individual and group therapy sessions. The purpose of drug treatment is to treat both the physical and psychological aspects of a patient’s addiction.

There are a number of different treatment options available. Outpatient and residential programs are the two core forms of treatment. Any program you enter will likely be categorized as one of these types. Outpatient programs allow patients to continue to live at home while they undergo treatment, whereas inpatient programs require the patient to live at the facility.

From these two core types of programs, a number of specialized programs have developed. Holistic treatment does not only focus on the patient’s addiction, but on helping them live better lives as a whole; physical activity, meditation and healthy nutrition are part of the program. Women’s-only treatment programs provide women with a safe, supportive environment to discuss their addiction, and any underlying psychological issues they are struggling with that are unique to women. Dual Diagnosis programs treat patients suffering from both a drug addiction and a mental health issue. Whatever program you choose should be specific to your type of addiction and your personality.

Finding Drug Treatment Help for Bellevue Addicts

If you or someone you love in the Bellevue area is struggling with addiction, please call our toll-free number. Our trained counselors are available 24 hours a day to review your treatment options with you and help you find a program that best suits your needs.