Bremerton Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Bremerton Drug and Alcohol RehabBremerton, Washington is a modestly sized city outside of Seattle, housing just over 37,000 people. The Kitsap County area, however, is part of the Seattle High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, meaning that residents of Bremerton are more likely to encounter drugs or alcohol than they might be in other locations. If you know someone who has fallen victim to a substance abuse problem, it’s important to get them the focused help they need.

How Do Bremerton Residents Know They Are Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Denial is a common thing for addicts to experience, as they often don’t want to accept that there is a problem with how much or what they consume. You may not think your consumption is a problem, but for many it can be. Addiction is not only a product of consuming too much, but also the fact that when you are not consuming, you wish you were. You may feel physical or mental cravings for a drug or  drink, and these cravings can become so strong that they lead to using extremely large amounts of the substance. Your family may notice you becoming withdrawn from everyday activities, or that you’ve become friends with new people who understand your addiction better.

For some drugs, even small doses can lead to addiction, and large doses can be deadly.

What Drugs Are Abused by Bremerton Addicts?

Although many drugs are out there, there are a few major types that emergency personnel and DEA agents have found to be prevalent in the Bremerton area. Cocaine, heroin and marijuana are considered the top drugs of abuse in the area. Methamphetamine and prescription drugs that are used improperly are also rising issues. With the exception of marijuana, all these drugs can be incredibly dangerous and lead to lasting physical and mental health issues with death as a strong possibility.

The high risk of overdose is one reason to encourage anyone with an addiction to seek treatment.

What Does Treatment Entail for Bremerton Addicts?

Getting help can be scary, but it’s needed. You may enroll in a program that will allow you to stay at home and commute to and from treatments each time, or your addiction might require you to need more intense treatment at a residential facility. Many treatment programs offer detox before some form of therapy, but not all programs are medically based. If you wish to have a natural, holistic form of treatment, a non-medical program may be for you. After treatment, you can continue therapy through counseling or support groups in the community. Bremerton addicts have the option to seek treatment at many top-notch facilities throughout the US.

If you’d like us to help you explore your treatment options, contact us any time.