Bryn Mawr Alcohol Rehab Centers

Bryn Mawr Alcohol RehabBryn Mawr, sometimes known as Bryn Mawr-Skyway, is a relatively small part of the metro Seattle area with a population of under 14,000. With this proximity, Bryn Mawr residents are subject to the same issues posed in any city, including alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol abuse is common in all ages and races, and over 70 percent of Seattle-area high school students have used alcohol in their lifetimes. It’s important for parents and family alike to understand exactly what alcohol abuse is, and what can be done to end the pattern of abuse.

What Is Alcoholism?

It’s important to acknowledge that alcoholism is a disease. Alcohol addiction is considered to be the inability to stop drinking or limit how much you consume when you drink. Alcohol is a physically addictive drug, making it difficult for you to stop drinking, and can cause you to experience symptoms of withdrawal that can be dangerous if left untreated.

Alcoholism is not only characterized by physical withdrawal. Loved ones may notice changes in your behavior, including that you’ve become more isolated, or that you’re being dishonest with them about how much you drink or that you drink at all. This dishonesty can lead to major changes in your relationships and destroy your family’s trust in you.

Alcoholism can also have major impacts on your health if it goes untreated.

Health Effects of Alcoholism in Bryn Mawr Residents

Bryn Mawr alcoholics will eventually experience many ill effects as the result of their disease. Alcohol use has both immediate and long-term effects. Immediate effects present themselves as inebriation and impaired judgment, and can lead to making poor and unsafe decisions. This includes drunk driving, sexual encounters, and can even result in alcohol poisoning or death.

In the long term, alcohol abuse has been linked to heart and liver damage. Cirrhosis of the liver is a major consequence of alcoholism, and studies have shown that alcoholics are also more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Alcohol abuse also has mental consequences, including brain damage, depression, and can even lead to seizures and physiological issues.

If alcoholism is left untreated, it often leads to death or a decreased quality of life. Drug rehab can turn this around.

Alcoholism Treatment for Bryn Mawr Addicts

Over 69 percent of addicts in the Seattle area were admitted to treatment for alcohol addiction. Alcoholics have a number of treatment possibilities at their disposal, making it relatively easy to find a program to suit their needs. The physical aspect of alcoholism makes it necessary in most cases for you to undergo detox before treatment begins. With detox, you are able to become less physically dependent on alcohol and be able to focus on psychological recovery.

Psychological treatment is the second phase of alcoholism rehab, and can include multiple forms of therapy. Group treatment is one of the most often used forms of treatment in rehab, because you are able to heal with people who are experiencing the same issues as you. You may even continue these forms of treatment after your release.

If you’d like to know more about alcoholism or alcoholism treatment, contact us today. We can help Bryn Mawr alcoholics learn more about great alcohol rehab centers located all over the country.