Can I Quit Drinking on My Own

Can I Quit Drinking on My OwnThere are stories of people who overcame their alcohol addictions without the help of rehab. While it is possible, quitting drinking on your own in Seattle is neither safe nor commonly successful. It can have dangerous repercussions and threaten the overall success of your recovery.

Benefits of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Rehabilitation Centers

The main goal of a rehab center is to address the root of your addiction so that your recovery is a lasting transformation rather than a temporary fix. Alcohol addiction is a complex illness, and many factors are involved such as your family history of addiction and your emotional health. Some Seattle residents are more prone to addiction than others. Rehab centers offer the services of trained counselors and psychologists to help you find the cause of your addiction. Quitting on your own does nothing to address this aspect of recovery and is therefore less likely to be successful.

Alcohol Detoxification Services for Seattle Residents

The first step in alcohol addiction recovery is detox which is the removal of alcohol from your system. With detox come withdrawal symptoms. Without proper medical attention these symptoms can be extremely severe and even hazardous to your health. In a rehab facility Seattle residents will be supervised by trained medical professionals who can help ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and ensure that they are experienced safely.

Support during Alcohol Addiction Recovery for Seattle Residents

Another key element of a successful rehab experience is support. Rehab centers offer professional support, group therapy and support groups that encourage you to build relationships among your recovering peers. In support groups you can share any struggles that you may have with a group of people who knows what you are going through. They can offer you helpful advice, if they are farther along in the recovery process. Rehab also offers family counseling so that relationships can be repaired, and so loved ones can offer you the support that you need once you are out of rehab and back at home in Seattle.

Help for Seattle Residents Who Want to Quit Drinking

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, call our toll-free helpline. We can answer any questions you may have about quitting alone or finding help to quit. We are available 24 hours a day, so there is no reason for you to continue going through the battle of drug recovery on your own. We can help. Call us now.