The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job PerformanceHeavy drinking can cause people to miss work, especially to deal with hangovers. Seattle employees who drink heavily may request extra time to nurse sicknesses from alcohol abuse, but even if they go to work they may have reduced productivity due to their symptoms. Heavy drinking also increases the risk for workplace injuries, especially if the drinker comes to work while intoxicated. Employers may view this risk as a liability and simply fire someone who struggles with alcohol abuse. Seek professional help to get sober and to retain your job. Continue reading

Is Addiction a Selfish Disease?

Is Addiction a Selfish Disease?Addiction is defined as a reliance or dependence on a substance or outside stimulus. Addiction may be classified as many things, but substance abuse and dependence are perhaps the most severe. Addiction to a controlled substance is very dangerous and may be life-threatening. Recognizing the warning signs and causes of addiction can assist individuals in finding treatment options. Continue reading

Attention-Seeking Behaviors and Addiction

Attention-Seeking Behaviors and AddictionMany Seattle residents like attention: the allure of being the focus validates people and helps them feel important. However, people with attention-seeking behaviors work for this attention to a disturbing degree. They go to excessive or inappropriate means to get attention, because they require it to feel good about themselves. People with attention-seeking behaviors go to these means to the point that other people view them negatively. Continue reading