What Is Social Model Detox?

What Is Social Model Detox?After a Seattle drug addict admits that she needs treatment and seeks help, detox is the first step in addiction recovery. It is by far one of the most challenging phases of treatment, because withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and often painful. This is the phase that causes many people to give up on recovery, because overcoming withdrawal symptoms is such a struggle. In these pivotal moments, recovering addicts need a great deal of encouragement and assistance, because they must avoid the temptation to do what is easier, relapse. With professional help, a drug addict can quit drug abuse and detox in ways that meet his specific needs. Continue reading

What Is Acute Hospital-Based Detox?

What Is Acute Hospital-Based Detox?Every user’s addiction is different and requires a different type of treatment to aid the user in recovery. For some Seattle users with severe addiction, a hospital-based detox program may be the best option. A hospital-based detox program provides around-the-clock care and medical supervision to assist users as they detox from drugs or alcohol. Hospital-based detox does not cure the addiction, but it is a good first step toward addiction recovery. If you go through hospital-based detox, you should immediately begin addiction treatment as soon as your detox treatment is over. Continue reading

Can I Detox at Home?

Can I Detox at Home?Trying to detox at home may seem like a more affordable solution than a professional detox program, but the results of self-administered detox can set you back on your healing journey and can be outright dangerous. Detox should never be attempted without medical supervision, and you can’t get one-on-one medical supervision at your home in Seattle. Attending a professional detox program administered in a rehab center or other medically supervised location will provide safe treatment that will set you up for success in getting over your addiction. Detox is only the beginning of your treatment, so after detox be sure to continue on with rehab and addiction treatment.

Dangers of Detoxifying at Home in Seattle

The dangers of home detox can all be avoided by receiving detox in a rehab facility. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and depending on how strong your addiction is you could experience intense pain or psychological trauma during your detox. At a professional detox facility medical professionals will be able to minimize your withdrawal symptoms, but without that help you will struggle to avoid relapse and get clean. Many users give up at the first sign of withdrawal symptoms and don’t receive the treatment they need to get over their addiction. Without finishing detox these users don’t stand a chance of finding a drug or alcohol-free life in Seattle.

Benefits of Professional Detoxification for Seattle Residents

Professional detox programs will give you more comfort and support than you’d find at home in Seattle while getting you out of the normal environment where it is easy for you to find drugs or alcohol. Leaving your old environment behind is important during detox and addiction treatment so that you don’t face the same pressure to abuse drugs or alcohol that you might at home. Most detox centers also offer rehab services, so it will be easy to transition to receiving addiction treatment after detox. Detox at a professional facility will give you a much better chance at staying sober than attempting to detox on your own.

Addiction Detoxification Services Are Available for Seattle Residents

There are detox centers that can help Seattle residents quit drugs or alcohol, and we want to help you find the right one for you. Call our toll-free helpline today, and let us talk with you about what will happen during detox and help you enroll in a detox program of your choice. Detox will help you get control of your life and will prepare you for rehab. When you call, ask if your health insurance will pay for your rehab or detox costs. We will be here for you 24 hours a day, so call now.