The Importance of Family Mediation

The Importance of Family MediationThe idea of family mediation takes some people a long time to accept. Discovering that a family member has fallen into drug abuse without the knowledge of his loved ones is enough of a shock; bringing in an outside professional to coach the family on how to relate to their addicted relative will surely feel like an embarrassing loss of privacy. However, if a loved one in the Seattle area is addicted to drugs, seeking the help of a family mediator may be the best way to encourage him to seek treatment. Continue reading

Confusing Your Loved One and the Addiction

Confusing Your Loved One and the AddictionWhen you know and love someone who has become an addict in Seattle, you may feel that the person you love has changed and is now entirely different. It is hard to see the true personality underneath the addictive behavior, but your loved one is still with you. Learning to distinguish the person from the addiction is crucial to helping him or her recover. Continue reading

How to Set Boundaries with an Addict

How to Set Boundaries with an AddictBoundaries are guidelines and limits people create that identify which behaviors are considered acceptable or unacceptable. These boundaries can be spiritual, physical, mental or psychological, and they clearly determine an interpersonal dynamic that says, “If you…, I will….” Parents set boundaries for their children with curfews and house rules, while a battered wife might set boundaries for what she will do if the husband acts aggressively again. When it comes to substance abuse, addicts can benefit from boundaries both before and after treatment in their Seattle life. Continue reading