Will People Judge Me if I Say I’m Addicted?

Will People Judge Me if I Say I'm Addicted?Stigmas in society are difficult to break. For many years, addiction was portrayed as resulting from a lack of self-control or as being related to personality flaws. In recent years, however, efforts have been made to educate society to see addiction as a disease that needs medical attention. Though these efforts have had positive effects, stigmas still exist related to this condition that make it difficult for a person to obtain addiction help. Continue reading

How to Find Culturally Relevant Addiction Help

How to Find Culturally Relevant Addiction HelpMinority groups account for approximately one-third of the US population. Minorities are also the fastest growing segment of the population, according to the US Census Bureau. As the scope of the population changes, so should the scope of addiction treatment. When an addiction treatment program is created, the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the patients should be considered. The United States is a multicultural nation, and this fact cannot be ignored when people of various backgrounds enter treatment programs. Coping mechanisms, stigmas attached to addiction problems, and many other factors vary according to cultural influences. High quality addiction treatment should be designed to accommodate cultural and ethnic nuances however and whenever possible. Continue reading

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug Use

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug UseCommitting to addiction recovery can seem like a daunting task, especially for individuals who have professional responsibilities and cannot afford to take the time away from work. But ignoring the issues of drug abuse and addiction often causes personal and professional problems to mount up until they become impossible to ignore. Superiors, colleagues, and even the drug user begin to see the toll that drug use takes on a career. Seattle addicts can learn the steps they must take in order to keep their jobs while taking time to overcome abuse or addiction. Continue reading