Causes of Alcohol Addiction

Causes of Alcohol AddictionAlcoholism is an addiction, meaning it is a relapsing brain disease characterized by people regularly abusing a substance even in the face of harmful consequences. As alcoholism begins to take its toll and financial, relational and legal problems arise, the question many Seattle residents ask is, “What causes a person to become an alcoholic?”

Environmental Factors that Lead to Alcoholism in Seattle

Along with genetics, certain social and psychological factors in a Seattle resident’s environment will increase the risk of addiction. Factors such as social pressure, high levels of stress, quality of parenting or abuse (physical, verbal or sexual) all play a huge role in determining future alcoholism. Also, the earlier someone is exposed to alcohol, the earlier an addiction may develop. Not only does a detrimental environment promote abuse, it perpetuates abuse. Many Seattle residents need to leave their environments before they can overcome alcoholism.

How Alcoholism Affects the Body and Mind of Seattle Residents

According to the genetic science learning center at the University of Utah, roughly 10% of people that use drugs such as alcohol will become hooked. The formula for ‘choosing’ who will become addicted and who won’t is not as complex as one may think. Both genetics and a person’s environment set the underlying foundation for alcoholism, but a big tipping point is the involvement of psychological and emotional issues.

Mental disorders are a unique type of malady because, unlike physical afflictions, they are not immediately noticed. In fact, many Seattle citizens unknowingly live their whole lives with a significant mental disorder. When a person is emotionally unstable for an extended period of time, he will look for an outlet of escape, which is where alcohol enters the picture.

Ironically, in the most popular disorders—depression, anxiety, panic attacks and bipolar disorder—alcohol has been chemically proven to exacerbate symptoms of the mental illness. Not only do heavy drinking sessions wipe out nearly every vitamin in the body, these sessions temporarily dampen stress hormones (making the drinker feel less inhibited while intoxicated, but awful once drunkenness wears off) and can even further activate genes linked to depression and mental illness.

How Seattle Residents Can Overcome Alcoholism

A myth of alcohol addiction is that it can be easily controlled; that as long as a Seattle drinker is able to keep her job or family, the amount of beer she drinks at night is inconsequential. The fact of the matter is that if you turn a blind eye to alcoholism, it will wind up destroying your life. The most effective way to beat alcohol once and for all is to find treatment. Quitting on your own may seem attractive yet this method lacks the professional support of counselors and doctors that is available at a rehab center.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Help for Seattle Residents

If you or someone you love in Seattle is struggling with alcoholism, let us help you. Our recovery helpline is toll free, safe and available 24 hours a day. The counselors who operate this helpline can answer any questions about treatment you may have. Life is too short be lived in addiction. Give us a call today.