Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

Cocaine Addiction TreatmentNearly five million Americans admitted to using cocaine in 2009, making it one of the most highly abused drug in the country. Cocaine use is particularly dangerous for its ill health effects, as well as its strong connection to criminal activity.  These elements make cocaine addiction treatment essential. To help you recognize your addiction and rehab requirements, we’ve answered some common questions about cocaine addiction below.

Isn’t Cocaine Only Psychologically Addictive?

Many believe that there are minimal risks of using cocaine as far as forming an addiction goes. This is due to the belief that individuals who abuse the drug only do so because mentally they’d like to feel its effects.  However, there are withdrawal symptoms reported by many addicts which indicates the addiction is more than psychological with cocaine. While the true answer is up for debate, the treatment requirements for this drug are not — help is needed if you are struggling with substance abuse.

Is Casual Cocaine Use Safe?

With the debate regarding cocaine’s psychological versus physical addiction potential, no one is certain if just one use of cocaine can lead to an addiction or if addiction only occurs with multiple uses. The bottom line is that any time you use cocaine, you are risking addiction. Even more importantly, you are risking your health as there are a number of complications you will experience with regards to your health. These can occur even with only casual use. Cocaine can also be a gateway drug — it’s typically said to fall right after marijuana, so harder drugs could include heroin and crystal meth.

Can I Recover from Cocaine Addiction on My Own?

It doesn’t matter which drug you’ve been using — cocaine or anything else — the chances of recovering from addiction on your own are slim. When you’re lost in the cycle of addiction, you’re just not in the mindset to break it. It can be possible, but for fast recovery, you are better off getting professional help.

Finding Treatment Programs for Cocaine Addiction

To recover from cocaine addiction, there are two main treatment options.

  • Inpatient drug treatment. This is often the preferred method for individuals who require intensive drug counseling. It involves an in-depth program that requires addicts to live on site.
  • Outpatient drug treatment. Some addicts may find that outpatient drug treatment is sufficient. Of course, this option is only effective if you are dedicated to the treatment process.

Finding Help for Cocaine Addiction

If you’re ready to treat your cocaine addiction, give us a call. We can help you find a drug rehab and answer any additional questions you may have.