Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug UsePeople try drugs for numerous reasons including peer pressure, a need for acceptance, or self-medication. Using drugs to gain acceptance can be extremely dangerous. Conflating the drug use and peer approval can put a Seattle user in a situation where overdose is extremely likely to occur.

Why Seattle Residents Use Drugs for Peer Approval

Many addicts will first use drugs because of peer pressure. They believe others will be more accepting and friendly if they use drugs together. Included in the following are some of the reasons Seattle addicts believe drug use gains acceptance:

  • I am not scared to try new things. People will think I am adventurous.
  • We will have common interests and hobbies including drug use.
  • They will want to spend time with me when we use.

Drug addicts are only out for themselves. They may always use when you are around, however, once they use they may ignore you. They may use you to score more drugs. They may use you to go buy the drugs in case law enforcement gets involved. Unless they were your friends before drugs came into the picture, more than likely these people are taking advantage of you.

Complications in Addiction Treatment for Seattle Addicts

Treatment programs are responsible for giving addicts the tools and knowledge needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. However, with the need to gain acceptance addicts may complicate treatment in the following ways:

  • While in treatment, they will be sober due to the vast amount of encouraging people. However, once treatment is complete, they will return to the people that approved of their drug use
  • Not seeking treatment at all.
  • Placing the needs of others above treatment, regardless of the consequences.

Seattle residents need to enter treatment for themselves, for their health, and for their sobriety. Entering treatment because others want you to will not give you the strong foundation or desire for sobriety that is needed.

Seattle Residents Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment

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