Depression Treatment Programs

Depression Treatment Programs Today, the mental health condition depression is more prevalent than ever before. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 19 million people suffer from a depressive condition. This number has doubled over the past 15 years.  While feelings of sadness can be normal, depression is not something you need to accept in your life. It can be crippling and affect all aspects of your life — your relationships, your career and your education. It can also affect the well-being of those closest to you.

Fortunately, there are methods of treating depression.

Treatment Programs for Depression

Depression treatment options are offered on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Although it is often believed that residential treatment is only offered to recovering addicts, residential treatment is also used to treat those with severe mental health conditions. Typically, an inpatient program is not initially recommended unless outpatient treatment has been unsuccessful.  However, it may be the first option selected for individuals who may be at risk of suicide as a result of their depression.

Methods of Treating Depression

There are a number of different methods used in the treatment of depression. These treatments apply whether rehab help is on an inpatient or outpatient basis:

  • Medication. Antidepressants are often used to control symptoms of depression. One or more medications may be prescribed to a patient depending on the severity of their depression and their health history.
  • Therapy. Although depression goes beyond the psychological, past emotionally traumatic experiences can play a role and must be addressed.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Often patients are encouraged to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle as a treatment for depression. This is because natural endorphins provide feelings of euphoria, decreasing the symptoms of depression.
  • Holistic treatments. Use of natural supplements, acupuncture and other non-medical options have also been proven effective in treating some forms of depression.

Understanding Depression

Those who have never experienced depression often think that someone suffering from depression is making a conscious decision to feel sad. If you know someone suffering from this condition, recognize it for what it is. Many individuals suffering from depression have a chemical imbalance; it isn’t a simple emotional low. Support them in their journey to recovery, and you can do this with a better understanding of the disease.

Finding Treatment for Depression

When you are ready to accept help for your struggles with depression, you can contact us for some guidance. It’s a toll-free call to connect with our hotline, and we will help you through the process of getting help.