Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?

Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?It might appear to be very “fancy” to have your own personal sober escort, however hiring one can be one of the most beneficial steps towards maintaining your sobriety for many years to come.

Sober escorts will transport you from point A to point B in Seattle to help prevent you from going to places that promote drug use. Generally, these escorts begin their service for users when it comes time to move from rehab to sober living, or sober living to their homes. They will go that one step further by sticking by your side in any difficult situation that might involve travel.

Do You Need a Sober Escort?

You might never have thought that you would have difficulty going from place to place both before and after you completed treatment, however it is a common issue for many recovering users in Seattle. Determining if you need a sober escort can be the difference between staying sober or relapsing.

  • Treatment troubles – Going to treatment can be the most difficult part of your journey, especially if you are resistant of it or still in denial about your addiction. If you are experiencing these type of feelings, it would be beneficial to hire a sober escort so you can get to your treatment program safely.
  • Relapse worries – Leaving treatment can be extremely scary, as you are not accustomed to being in the real world without using. If you are someone who has had difficulty staying sober after treatment or in general, having a sober escort to bring you from your treatment program to your home in Seattle can help eliminate your concerns.
  • Continuing treatment – One of the most common practices for a recovering user is to attend meetings and support groups designed to keep them on track with their sobriety. You will most likely be a part of something like this, however getting there can sometimes be the biggest battle. If you anticipate this type of behavior and/or have had trouble getting to meetings like this before, hiring a sober escort in Seattle can help you get there with little to no hesitation.
  • Sober support – You might have worries about readjusting to life after rehab, and this is normal. If these worries plague your mind even before leaving treatment, it can be helpful to have a sober escort ready for when you leave, as they can help cushion your transition into the real world through their presence and persistence.

Hiring a sober escort is an option, but if you feel that you still need that extra assistance, reaching out to one can help you stay sober. It is important to truly examine your emotions about treatment and sobriety to understand what kind of support you might need both before and after your visit to rehab in Seattle. Doing whatever you can to remain sober is the best option, and hiring a sober escort can be a beneficial part of that plan.

Are You a Seattle Resident Interested in a Sober Escort?

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