Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?

Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?For many Seattle residents, the word “addict” conjures up images of people living on the streets, having lost jobs, families and homes. It is true that addiction is a devastating disease which can rob people of all those things and more. However, it is also true that some Seattle residents who seem successful and functioning well can be addicted to drugs or alcohol and need help. If you know someone who uses drugs but still seems successful, you should nevertheless seek professional assistance.

How Functional Addiction Works in Seattle Residents

There are a number of things to keep in mind regarding functional addicts, including the following facts:

  • People may not be as functional as you think they are. Sometimes Seattle residents appear to be doing well, but the truth may be that they are barely holding things together. They may be in debt due to drug expenses or be making mistakes at work that are soon to catch up with them. They may also be functional in one area of their life but be failing in others.
  • The continual abuse of drugs or alcohol causes organ damage and cumulative physical effects that may not be immediately seen. A person’s liver or heart may be failing without anyone knowing about it until the problem is life-threatening.
  • Addiction is a progressive disease that continues to worsen without help. Seattle drug Addicts who currently seem successful will probably not maintain their level of functionality. There’s no need to wait until the addiction worsens. The earlier addiction is treated, the easier the recovery process is likely to be.
  • Addiction harms not only people who struggle with it, but their families, friends, and acquaintances. Treating a functional addict benefits to a wide circle of individuals.

Just because a Seattle drug addict does not show dangerous signs of addiction does not mean she does not need immediate, professional help.

How to Overcome Denial about Addiction

Denial is often part of addiction, and this may be especially true of those who seem outwardly successful. When loved ones are addicted, but unable to see the truth, family and friends may need to intervene. This may be as simple as a casual conversation, or may involve a formal, planned intervention. Denial often comes and goes, so it can be helpful to have a treatment program selected and ready in advance, so that if a Seattle loved one agrees to treatment, there is no delay.

Seattle Addiction Help

If you or a Seattle loved one suffer with addiction, give us a call. Counselors who staff our 24 hour, toll-free helpline can answer your questions and talk to you about treatment. If you wish, they can check your insurance coverage for you to help you understand your range of options. Addiction is a serious, but treatable disease. We can help you find your path to recovery.