Drug Treatment Costs for Seattle Addicts

Drug Treatment CostsIt is not surprising that the cost of treatment is a major concern for addicts, even when they know they need help. For someone who has spent every penny they have in the world on their drug abuse, coming up with the costs to cover treatment can feel impossible. However, the benefits of rehab are worth any cost; to overcome the fear of cost, addicts can learn more about payment options.

What Are the Costs of Rehab for Seattle Addicts?

The costs of drug treatment vary greatly depending upon the structure of treatment that you choose, and the specific facility and its amenities. The average costs of drug treatment range from about $1,500 to tens of thousands. Inpatient treatment always costs more than outpatient treatment and some of the most expensive treatment options available fall under this category. This is because there are luxury treatment centers that offer extensive amenities that increase the overall cost.

Are More Expensive Drug Treatment Centers Better?

It is important that you ask yourself what is important for you when choosing a treatment center. You may automatically assume that the more expensive ones are better, but the reality is that often it is the amenities that you are paying for. For some people, these extra amenities can make a big difference in their ability to stick with a program. When choosing a treatment center, decide exactly what the increased costs cover compared to a less expensive option.

How Seattle Addicts Can Pay for Drug Treatment

There are a number of options that allow Seattle addicts to pay for drug rehab in a way that is more affordable.

  • Talk about a payment plan. Many rehab centers offer a payment plan, as few individuals are able to pay for the cost of treatment outright.  This is an option for many people regardless of how high or low the cost of the program is.
  • Check your insurance plan. Some insurance plans do cover the cost of rehab, at least to some degree. Explore this option before researching treatment centers, as your plan may dictate specific options to you.
  • Look into subsidized programs. There are also subsidized and even free treatment centers available if you meet specific criteria.  You may also find sliding scale programs that offer you treatment based on your income level and what you can afford to pay.

Need More Information on Paying for Treatment?

If you’d like more information on how much drug treatment costs and what the payment options are, contact us today. We can help provide Seattle addicts with details on facilities all over the US that offer payment plans.