Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Dual Diagnosis RehabDual Diagnosis rehab is designed for those suffering from a mental health condition and an addiction. These two conditions are closely intertwined, and treating just one will not lead to long-term recovery from either issue.

Dual Diagnosis rehab sets up individuals for greater success since treatment focuses equally on mental health and addiction.

What Makes Dual Diagnosis Rehab Different?

Most rehab facilities do focus on treating mental as well as physical health as they deal with some of the emotions behind addiction. However, these rehab facilities do not usually pay equal attention to mental health and addiction. Additionally, Dual Diagnosis facilities have staff members who are capable of addressing true, diagnosable mental health conditions. The goal of individuals working in Dual Diagnosis rehab is not just to cure addiction, which is the focus of more traditional centers, but also to treat one’s mental health.

What Does Dual Diagnosis Rehab Treat?

Dual Diagnosis rehab can provide treatment for all types of addictions. The mental health conditions it addresses include:

  • Major depression
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Multiple personality disorder
  • OCD

What Happens in Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

More often than not, Dual Diagnosis rehab takes place at an residential rehab center due to the intensity of the treatment plan. Individuals with mental health conditions also run the risk of self-harming, so round-the-clock care increases safety.

The specific treatment components of Dual Diagnosis rehab are quite similar to what takes place at a traditional treatment facility. Therapy, group support sessions and life lesson activities all take place. There is also a strong focus on teaching coping skills to ensure that individuals do not return to their negative habits when facing stress back in the real world.

How Can You Find a Qualified Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

Ensure that you choose a rehab facility that truly specializes in Dual Diagnosis methods. You can ask the following questions to verify their qualifications:

  • Are there psychiatrists on staff as well as addiction specialists?
  • Do they have a history of treating my specific mental health condition?
  • What percentage of treatment focuses on mental health and what percentage of treatment focuses on addiction?
  • How long has the facility been operating as a Dual Diagnosis treatment center?

Locating a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

For more information on Dual Diagnosis drug rehab centers, call our helpline. We can help you determine if you would benefit from this type of program and help you find the right one.