Family Reconciliation after Addiction

Family Reconciliation after AddictionAddiction affects the drug user, and it affects their family and friends due to the following:

  • Trust is broken
  • Feelings of guilt or resentment grow
  • Respect is lost

Addiction can devastate the family members of addicts, but family members also contribute to addiction and recovery. Unhealthy habits need to be unlearned on both sides of the addiction. Rehab will help families and loved ones establish healthy boundaries and practice healthy communication skills. Family reconciliation can be difficult to accomplish after addiction, but with the right help Seattle families can find their way back to the love and support that was destroyed by addiction.

How to Help a Seattle Family Member through Addiction

It can be difficult for recovering addicts to understand why it is so hard for their families to forgive them. Seattle addicts who have embraced rehab and done the necessary work to get clean are often filled with a sense of accomplishment and optimism. Many have no idea the pain and angst they caused their family and friends. The most effective treatment programs confront addiction through a variety of techniques such as the following:

  • Family counseling
  • Teaching healthy confrontation and communication techniques
  • Training family members to avoid enabling their loved one’s addiction
  • Preparing recovering addicts for the fact that their family and friends may take a while to come around
  • Ongoing post-rehab support and encouragement

The best tools for family reconciliation are words. It is challenging to communicate your fears and concerns in a way that is healthy, realistic and yet still supportive. Taking advantage of family counseling and support groups makes all the difference for Seattle families trying to overcome years of hurt and disappointment.

Seattle Addiction Help

If you are having a hard time knowing how to bring about real reconciliation between you and your Seattle family we can help. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by addiction recovery experts who can connect you with the best counseling and support group programs for your unique needs. Real reconciliation can take months or even years to accomplish. We can help to prepare you for this important season with your family. Call today and let us help you to start putting the pieces of your broken family back together again.