Finding Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

Finding spirituality during addiction recoveryFinding spirituality to aid in addiction recovery can be beneficial for Seattle residents overcoming an addiction and striving to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle. Developing a personal belief system can help guide an addict through treatment and into recovery. Professional treatment facilities do not force a person to explore spirituality or make them engage in spiritual practices. Spirituality as an aid for addiction recovery is often a personal preference sought out by individuals wanting a holistic healing experience. Finding spirituality during addiction recovery can involve the following:

  • Developing a moral compass – Renewed morals can help to guide an individual in making a conscious choice between what they believe to be right and wrong. This moral belief system can be developed by exploring personal thoughts and feelings.
  • Gaining self-respect and respect for others – Developing self-respect and learning to respect others can be a fulfilling recovery experience when achieved.
  • Acquiring a higher perspective – Acknowledging addiction and understanding the problems it creates can help when beginning treatment. A higher perspective can include the realization that addiction can be overcome with treatment and support.
  • Letting go of pride – Pride can often prevent people from seeking the help and treatment they need to recover. Breaking down defenses such as pride allows people to overcome addiction.

Spirituality can help recovering addicts in Seattle to discover new activities that promote a healthier and happier lifestyle. Traditional treatment models will not require anyone to engage in spiritual activities but they can be beneficial to recovering. Some spiritual activities can include the following:

  • Discovering unique personal gifts and talents that can be utilized to develop a healthy, creative, and more fulfilling life
  • Forgiving people who may have caused hurt through abuse in the past
  • Seeking out forgiveness from others that may have been hurt as a result of the addiction
  • Gaining insight from personal experiences with addiction and learning from past mistakes
  • Giving back to the community or loved ones that have helped with the addiction by volunteering personal services

Spiritual enlightenment and discovery is not a requirement in overcoming addiction and will not guarantee a successful recovery. However, developing a personal belief system to help with guidance through the recovery process of addiction can be critical to maintaining sobriety.

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