Finding the Right Job after Addiction

Finding the Right Job after AddictionYou have finally completed treatment and are starting a new chapter in your life in Seattle. This chapter is going to include better coping skills, clear communication and stronger interpersonal relationships, and you are excited about that. You might also be excited about getting back into the workforce in Seattle; however, the idea of going back after rehab can be a bit overwhelming.

How to Find Employment after Addiction

Finding a job in Seattle can be difficult with or without a past that includes addiction. Despite your gap in employment, it is important to take the skills you learned in rehab and apply them to your job hunt.

  • Practice positivity – Regardless of what fears or concerns you might have as you begin your job hunt, it is crucial that you stay positive. Accept that there will be obstacles in your path, but know that many opportunities will arise if you persevere. Do not give up regardless of how tough it might get.
  • Improve your résumé – You have a new, fresh outlook on life, so why shouldn’t your résumé reflect that? Revamp your résumé by tailoring it the field of work you are looking to obtain in San Diego. Emphasize your strengths, and do not feel inclined to incorporate reasons for your employment gaps.
  • Go back to school – There is a chance that you either did not complete school or that you have developed an interest in a different field while in rehab. Look into programs at schools that interest you, and put all your effort into succeeding in school while looking for internships and employment opportunities.
  • Work with a recruiter – Many recruiting firms have specialists who work with recovering addicts to find them employment in San Diego. With the help of your therapists, connect with a recruiter to help narrow job possibilities to discern where you would like to apply.

Going Over Your Employment Checklist

Leaving rehab should give you a feeling of empowerment, which you can continue by find the right job. It is important to scope out the environment in which you are looking to work before applying, as not every place is going to be designed to support your recovery. The following are some things to look for in future employers in San Diego:

  • Honesty and understanding – When going to interviews, it is important that you feel like you can be honest with your potential future employer without being judged for your past. You need to be viewed as an individual rather than an addict.
  • Positive environment – Scope out the potential work environment. Are people nice to one another? Is the space welcoming and cheery? Do you feel comfortable? Make sure you ask all these questions to ensure that you are not entering into a hostile work environment in San Diego.

In conjunction with preventing judgment and ensuring a positive environment, it is crucial that you are ready to handle the job and that you truly want to be there. It can be detrimental to your sobriety if you accept a job that you do not enjoy. By applying the coping skills learned in rehab, you can be ready to take on the workforce in San Diego.

Do You Need Help Finding Employment?

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