How Do I Know If I’m Making Progress in My Addiction Recovery?

How Do I Know If I'm Making Progress in My Addiction Recovery?Addiction recovery is neither an easy nor a short process. It requires a great deal of time, commitment, patience, persistence and discipline. As a result, frustration and self-doubt can plague recovering addicts. However, these feelings are normal and there are many ways that Seattle residents can find hope for their addictions.

Addiction Recovery Problems

Many Seattle drug addicts do not commit to overcoming substance abuse. Before determining whether or not you are progressing in addiction recovery, you must come to terms with several things:

  • To change your lifestyle from drug-related environments
  • To believe you can abstain from substance abuse
  • To concentrate on the pains rather than fun of substance abuse
  • To accept that you will never use drugs again

Accepting these truths can be difficult. Seattle drug addicts might fantasize about drug use, which limits their social interaction and incite guilt and shame from their past experiences. Some addicts resist changing their lifestyle or even try to use the drug again to prove their ability to control their addiction. Progress is in grave danger if recovering addicts refuse to accept these problems.

How Seattle Drug Addicts Know They Are Recovering

However, there are many ways Seattle residents can tell if they are progressing in recovery. These positive points can increase an addict’s self-worth to point where they conquer their addiction and maintain sobriety. Addicts should commit to the following actions to get well:

  • Acceptance of your responsibility, attitude and behavior
  • Learning the difference between needs and wants
  • Choosing to help yourself and others
  • Moving away from addictive thinking and living in reality
  • Knowing that failure is a way to learn and progress
  • Forgiving yourself and others
  • Listening to others and understanding their words
  • The return of your value system
  • The return of the ability to choose well
  • Becoming positive about yourself helping others
  • Setting realistic goals and striving for them
  • Admitting and correcting your mistakes promptly

There is cause to celebrate if you meet these goals. If you are struggling with recovery, take a moment to meditate on the basics of recovery: avoiding high-risk situations, learning to relax and being honest with yourself.

When experts suggest to take recovery one day at a time, they aren’t kidding. Choosing to avoid a drug one day can be a feat for a Seattle drug addict, and you can feel good about each success. Feeling good about success will lead to others, and may lead to a long chain of successes. Crossing off goals after significant work is expected in the short-term, but recovery progresses, the lines will continue to be crossed. Working toward that goal can keep you on the road to recovery.

Seattle Addiction Help

It is important to work with professionals when undergoing rehab, because professionals are trained to keep you positive, accountable and centered on your ultimate goal. If you or a Seattle resident would like to discuss your recovery process, we are available for you. Call our toll-free helpline, where our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day.