How Stressful Events Trigger Mental Health Issues

How Stressful Events Trigger Mental Health IssuesMedical professionals think mental health struggles primarily stem from disrupted chemical transmissions in the brain. The synapses which connect the brain cells relay messages for bodily movement, so if they are damaged they can create troubled mental states. Seattle residents with these problems should seek help to restore balance. It is possible to treat both problems simultaneously, especially in the right facilities.

Causes of Mental Illness

While a Seattle resident’s genes, injuries, physical illnesses and other factors help create mental illnesses, one of the most powerful causes is stress. In fact, the following stressors may cause mental trauma:

  • Parental divorce when the individual is young
  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • Bullying or shunning by peers
  • Job loss or bankruptcy
  • Sudden catastrophe (a death or murder in the family, a house fire, violent assault, theft and etc.)
  • Substance abuse

It may seem counter-intuitive to include substance abuse in a list of stressors, since stress often drives people to abuse drugs to find solace. However, as physical and psychological dependency grows, any existing mental illness rapidly inflates for any Seattle resident.

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

What starts as an experiment that instantly relieves stress can easily turn into a habit as Seattle residents find comfort in drugs. People can abuse illegal substance or a perfectly legal medication for a legitimate issue. However, dependency brings with it tolerance, meaning that increasing doses are required to achieve the relief the drug initially provided. As people fall deeper into addiction, life without the drug grows progressively colorless. Former innocent pleasures no longer interest users as all they want is another fix. This creates mood swings, depression and sometimes psychosis. The bitter paradox of this is while using drugs can relieve these symptoms, it also worsens them. At this point, a Seattle drug addict is trapped in a worsening addiction that exacerbates a mental condition. If he has never been diagnosed, he may not even know what is wrong.

Seattle Addiction Help

If this affects you or a Seattle loved one, please call our toll-free helpline right away. We are available 24 hours a day to direct you to programs that can evaluate mental health and implement addiction treatment. This kind of integrated treatment can mend all areas of one’s life that mental illness and addiction have damaged together. Call us today and start reversing the destruction; recovery is possible if you have professional help.