How the Internet Enables Addiction

How the Internet Enables AddictionAlthough addiction has always afflicted Seattle residents, the internet has greatly enabled the spread of the disease. Few could have imagined how a network of computers could affect millions of people’s psychological and physical health.

Addictive Behaviors the Internet Encourages

Internet access is like fuel on the fire for those with compulsive behavioral addictions. Fast, anonymous access to a variety of websites and services make behavioral sobriety nearly impossible for people with the following disorders:

  • Gambling addicts no longer need to find a casino or a back-room card-game
  • Hoarders can troll an infinite amount of cheap goods to purchase
  • Billions of “click to buy” buttons can be impossible to avoid for a spending addict
  • Countless pornographic images are a click away for porn addicts
  • Escort services, prostitution and countless opportunities lay in wait for sex addicts
  • Chat rooms and social networking sites offer infinite opportunities for relationship addicts
  • Video game addicts have 24 hour access to millions of fellow gamers
  • Seattle residents who struggle with behavioral addiction may be tripped up how easily the Internet can satisfy cravings

The Internet and Drug Access

Seattle drug addicts and dealers learn countless ways to make Internet work for their needs. From anonymous postings on Craig’s List and Twitter feeds to discreet text messaging services, the once awkward and risky world of illicit dealing has become more prolific and hard to stop than ever before. Foreign web stores offer relatively easy access to controlled substances online.

The Internet and Prescription Drug Addiction

The combination of excessive marketing and online access to medical information has skyrocketed the number of people asking their doctors to prescribe certain addictive medications. Seattle residents may know what prescription drug they want before they even go to a doctor, which can lead to an unhealthy obsession before drug abuse even begins.

Eating Disorders and the Internet

The cultural obsession with physical beauty and unrealistic body images has grown exponentially in the Internet age. Young Seattle residents are peppered with millions of impressions that can cause them to fixate on their weight or shape.

The Internet and Seattle Addiction Recovery

As much as the internet offers instant access to every addictive substance or behavior imaginable, it also provides help that is just a click away. When you decide that it is time to break free from your own addictive behavior, pick up your phone and call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Virtual information can be great, but speaking with a human being who can connect you with recovery resources is extremely powerful. We are available right now to answer any questions you have with no strings attached.

Millions of people struggle with addictions that the Internet enables, but we can help you find a way to regain your self-control and self-respect.