How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug Use

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug UseCommitting to addiction recovery can seem like a daunting task, especially for individuals who have professional responsibilities and cannot afford to take the time away from work. But ignoring the issues of drug abuse and addiction often causes personal and professional problems to mount up until they become impossible to ignore. Superiors, colleagues, and even the drug user begin to see the toll that drug use takes on a career. Seattle addicts can learn the steps they must take in order to keep their jobs while taking time to overcome abuse or addiction.

What Steps Can Seattle Addicts Take When Facing Termination?

There are several steps Seattle residents struggling with drug addiction can take in order to mitigate negative consequences when facing employment termination:

  • Consider outpatient programs – Outpatient programs are designed for individuals who have familial or professional responsibilities and cannot afford to enter an inpatient rehabilitation program. These programs usually include evening group sessions two or three times a week and individual sessions once a week. Addicts receive the same education they would receive in an inpatient program, although without the constant attention and care.
  • Consider your rights – Many employers are required to make reasonable accommodations so that individuals experiencing problems with drug addiction can take the time they need to voluntarily recover, while keeping their jobs. This usually involves unpaid time off or the use of paid vacation time. The duration of the time off usually depends on the duration of the professional treatment program. Drug addiction is considered a treatable medical condition, which means recovering addicts are protected by a number of other laws as well.
  • Be honest about the situation – Current employees have more rights than applicants when it comes to drug tests. Because they infringe on personal rights and show drug abuse that may not necessarily be recent or consistent, an individual can fail a test despite not having a serious drug problem that needs treatment. Failing a drug test can be an embarrassing experience, and at that point an employee is already at great risk of being fired. Communicating with an employer before there is a chance of a random mandatory drug test can show that the employee is honest and proactive when it comes to keeping his job and ending his drug abuse.

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and are putting your career at risk, consider taking proactive steps to seek help before it’s too late.

Signs That Addiction Is Putting Your Job at Risk

Making professional, personal, and financial sacrifices to obtain a drug are signs of addiction and may lead to job loss. If a Seattle drug user is in a position where his drug use has begun to manifest in poor work performance and other people are beginning to see the signs of abuse and addiction, he has most likely reached the point that he should consider seeking professional help. Continuing to abuse drugs after the signs have already manifested themselves can result in job loss, while seeking help can mean merely taking the time to recover and returning to work when ready.

Help for Seattle Residents Facing Addiction and Job Loss

If you or a loved one in Seattle is struggling with addiction, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about a professional treatment program. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find a treatment program that fits into your life and gives you the best possible chance at long-term recovery. Please call today.