How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking Alcohol

How to Enjoy Social Events without Drinking AlcoholRecovering Seattle alcoholics that have just come out of rehab are usually on a sort of high, as they should be since they have just gone through a tremendous life-change for the better. However, it’s unrealistic for alcoholics to think that they’ll no longer be tempted with the thoughts or opportunities to drink again. Life will continue to go on and present many more social gathering and events that will involve alcohol.

How to Handle Social Situations with Alcohol in Seattle

One of the biggest things a recovering Seattle alcoholic can do is remove himself from past friends and relationships that tolerated or encouraged drinking. These people weren’t really your friends if they knew you had a problem and continued drinking with you anyway. Old friends and favorite haunts simply resurrect emotions and thoughts that can tempt you to drink again.

Although a recovering Seattle alcoholic may have made new friends and avoid the favorite places to drink, one cannot simply always avoid alcohol. For example, you may eventually have to be at a wedding where there is an open bar, or a work party with drinking. There are a few tricks to dealing with these situations, but one thing you can do is order your favorite non-alcoholic drink. Having something in your hand is better than nothing and helps discourage others from offering you a drink.

When you make new friends it may be beneficial to be open about your sobriety, although more personal and private to some. If the person you are talking with cares for you, she’ll respect and be sensitive to the fact that you’re a recovering alcoholic and will avoid hanging out in compromising situations. Being open disarms many Seattle residents that would otherwise guilt you into watching the game at the sports bar because they couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want to join in. Instead, a real friend would understand your unique needs.

The bottom line for a recovering alcoholic is to know yourself and your limits, as they are unique to every person. Even one drink can set you back on a crash course, despite all of the hard work you have done. Being open and avoiding compromising situations keeps everything in the light and sets you up for success.

What If Seattle Residents Relapse?

If you have a relapse, even one small drink, call your mentor or counselor to discuss it immediately. Trying to hide it will only encourage your setback and will set you up for failure. Alcoholism is a disease and you shouldn’t look at your relapse as a personal failure. Think of all of the hard work you’ve put in to being sober and keep that in perspective as a huge win. Don’t let setback derail all your work because you feel like you messed up. Have the courage to tell someone and get back on track. Remember, failure is often a part of the road to success and learning from it and reacting to it only makes you stronger!

Alcohol Addiction Help for Seattle Residents

If you live in Seattle and are now sober or know someone that is, you know how vulnerable a recovering alcoholic is to the pressures of society. Choosing the right friends and support system is key to your success as a functioning recovering addict.

If you have any questions pertaining to post rehab recovery, or you just had a relapse and aren’t sure what to do, please give us a call today. We offer a toll-free 24 hour helpline for any of your needs. We are here to listen to and help you.