How to Give Your Child a Future after Addiction

How to Give Your Child a Future after AddictionWatching a grown Seattle child struggle with drug abuse may be incredibly disheartening for a parent. Adolescent children are dependent on their parents to meet their needs, and their parents are legally responsible for them, but a college student is responsible for himself, so his parents must do their best to encourage him with the influence that they have.

How Do I Help My Child Get and Remain Sober?

Ultimately, the decision to recover is the addict’s, but parents can take the following methods to show that they want their child to recover:

  • Learn to communicate – Trying to talk with an addict may seem like talking to a stranger. The psychological aspect of addiction can affect the way a person behaves, and it may cause him to have an irrational response when someone approaches him about drug use. Communicating honestly but lovingly can help a Seattle drug addict get the message that his parents are not trying to control him, but they want what is best for him.
  • Do not enable – Parents of a Seattle drug addict should support their child without supporting her habits. Supporting the addiction may mean anything from failing to discuss drug abuse to lending the addict some money. It is difficult for parents to watch their child endure the consequences of unwise decisions, but the natural consequences may inspire her to seek recovery.
  • Hold an intervention – An intervention may seem like a drastic and intimidating step to take, but with the help of a family mediator, you can organize one of these meetings with an addict’s friends, family and colleagues. At the intervention, the attendees express the way the addiction has damaged them, and then they present a clear treatment plan they want the addict to follow. If the addict refuses to seek treatment, they must enforce consequences to further motivate treatment.

With the right support, you can help your addicted child.

How to Overcome Addiction

Having family members that support recovery may be essential to an addict’s long lasting sobriety. Supporting the addict’s endeavors in other areas of life – such as career decisions, relationships, and hobbies – can help him invest in his future and adjust to a sober life. Seattle parents cannot make decisions for their young adult children, but having a loving parent can inspire him toward recovery.

Help for Addicted Seattle Children

If you have a Seattle child struggling with addiction, call our toll-free helpline to discuss personalized treatment that will suit her needs. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. Don’t do this alone; call today for professional help.