Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?

Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?If you discover a Seattle friend’s addiction or if the friend admits to an addiction, avoiding this person can seriously damage her chances for recovery. Avoiding the addict does not make the friend of the addict responsible for the addiction, but it does drive the addict further into depression, lessening her chances of seeking help. If you need help handling an addicted friend, there are ways you can deal with the addiction through the support of others.

What Should I Do about My Addicted Friend in Seattle?

The best course of action for any Seattle drug addict is to have an intervention, or at least begin a conversation about addiction. However, people should take the following actions before attempting to help an addicted friend:

  • Research the friend’s specific addiction to better understand what he is going through
  • Decide whether or not to find an interventionist to mediate the discussion. It is highly recommended, but not necessary
  • The friend of the addict needs support too. Find trusted friends or Seattle family to talk with during tough times
  • Arrange treatment beforehand in case the addict decides to get help

As with any addict, whether she is a friend or a family member, be wary of enabling and co-dependent behaviors. These behaviors include any of the following actions:

  • Giving the addict money for groceries or other necessities
  • Helping the addict sell personal items for cash
  • Taking the addict to bars, gas stations, or any location that they must get to
  • Any words or actions that might help the addict feel that addiction is okay

Seattle residents will need help reaching their loved one and facilitating recovery, so do not hesitate to seek professional advice.

What If My Addicted Friend Doesn’t Want Help?

If the addict resists getting professional help and continues abusing drugs, it is okay to step back from him a bit. However, under no circumstances should you abandon your Seattle friend. Whether through text, email or an occasional phone call, remind him that he can find help for the addiction. Find other methods of helping the addict such as speaking with his family members that you are close to in order to stage another invention in the future.

Help an Addicted Friend in Seattle

Having an addicted friend is hurtful and depressing, filled with feelings of betrayal and confusion. The best thing for you and your Seattle friend to do is understand that there is hope and help for the both of you. By calling our toll-free, 24 hour helpline, you will get in touch with professionals who can give you the best advice on how to end addiction and rebuild friendship. Call now and begin to renew your friendship today!