Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?

Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?Part of the reality TV phenomenon is following drug addicts through their experiences of rock bottom to recovery. Some shows document these experiences and broadcast them on programs such as Intervention, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and even MTV’s Teen Mom. If Seattle residents watch these shows, they may get some idea of how rehab works, but there is no substitute to experiencing rehab for yourself.

How TV Depicts Addiction Rehabilitation

Television shows usually depict the following aspects of drug rehab:

  • Troublesome individuals. The main plot of TV shows that confront rehab usually follow an addict through the behaviors that eventually lead her to seek treatment. For example, MTV’s Teen Mom shows the life of Jenelle Evans, whose struggle to stay drug-free is a huge part of her storyline. She consistently argues with her mother, friends and boyfriend as she repeatedly neglects her toddler son. She has battled with the law, experiencing arrests and jail time. This season, she agreed to seek treatment to bring her life back to order. In this way, Seattle residents may see how addiction can lead to ruined family relationships, legal trouble and also denial that keeps users from treatment.
  • Difficult detox experiences. There are a few shows that follow users into their daily lives in rehab, and VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew depicts the difficulty of recovery. They followed Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler during his detox from heroin, cocaine and marijuana. His detox was extremely violent, where his anger, rage and depression kicked in full-force, making him quite a challenge for Dr. Drew’s staff. It took him much longer to detox than some other addicts as he was on many strong drugs. To Seattle residents, his detox may appear nightmarish, but not all addicts experience such oppressive symptoms. How severe withdrawal symptoms are depends on the length of time someone has been addicted, along with the dosage an addict is used to. This particular case was violent and strenuous, but not all detox experiences will be.
  • Success stories. While many topics of drug use are dark, there are also numerous success stories. Allison, the focus of A&E’s Intervention, is recovering from her inhalant addiction. The show followed her while she completed her 8th and 9th steps of her 12-step program towards sobriety. At the time, she was 1 year sober. Seattle drug addicts can take hope in these TV depictions of success, as they are possible for any addict who wants to quit.

While most reality TV is edited to attract the public, these three shows portray some truth of the recovery experience. Those seeking treatment are often troubled and have struggled with their work, family life, finances and more. Adapting to life in rehab is usually difficult, where detox deeply affects mood and behavior. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew depicts how therapy, activities, conversations and structure help users find sobriety. The practices on this show in particular are standard protocol for rehab. The bottom line is that rehab programs are highly structured and can help any Seattle resident get sober if he reaches out for help.

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