Listening to Your Loved One about Addiction

Listening to Your Loved One about AddictionEveryone suffers, when one friend or family member is addicted. Loved ones often compensate for the addicted person’s behavior and accidentally enable his or her substance abuse. Others may feel resentment or anger over a loved one’s behavior. Family members may not realize that the individual is using drugs to cope with an underlying mental health issue or other problem in his or her life in Seattle. It is important to open communication about the causes and effects of addiction to help your loved one begin the recovery process.

How Addiction Limits Communication between Seattle Residents

When addiction begins to affect a person’s behavior, the individual may retreat from people he or she cares about. The addict may feel guilty and try to hide drug use, and family members may be embarrassed or pretend there is nothing wrong. These early breaks in communication grow, as addiction develops. Drug use becomes a taboo subject, and addicted Seattle residents become more isolated, as friends and family members feel more resentment or anger about the individual’s addiction and related behaviors.

Underlying Issues Can Cause Addiction in Seattle

Addiction is sometimes called a “family problem,” because it can stem from a lack of family interaction or other issues in the home. When family members lack positive communication and conflict resolution skills, an individual may turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape. Your loved one may be suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues and may be using drugs as a coping mechanism. These issues can be genetic or may stem from environmental stress or difficult life events in Seattle. While this does not excuse addiction or related behavior, it illustrates why professional help and personal love and understanding are a necessary part of addiction recovery.

Listen and Talk to Begin Addiction Recovery

An honest conversation can show loved ones that you care about them and want them to get help. Their addicted behavior may have hurt or angered you, but listening to how they feel and talking about their substance abuse can help them realize how bad their addiction is. Family counseling can help before and during the recovery process. When your addicted family member realizes how much you care, he or she may be more likely to listen and to speak openly and honestly in turn. An interventionist can help Seattle residents begin the addiction and recovery conversation in a positive manner.

Help for Addicted Seattle Residents

If you are interested in learning more about addiction recovery or intervention for a loved one, call us now. Our counselors can help you find treatment that is right for you and your friend or family member, and we can help you listen and talk to your loved one about addiction. Call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about your options and how you can have a positive influence on your loved one’s future.