Noticing the Warning Signs of Addiction

Noticing the Warning Signs of AddictionIt is human nature to try to explain or justify a situation and then in hindsight regret not seeing the events that were happening. Addiction is often ignored at first, as denial and rationalization are components of the lives of users and their loved ones. It may not be as easy for Seattle residents to notice the warning signs of addiction, but doing so can prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

Warning Signs of Addiction in Seattle Residents

If you are struggling with drug abuse, you may start experiencing flu-like symptoms, suffer from insomnia or notice that you are not as hungry as you used to be. You may have mood swings, depression, lower self-esteem or anxiety. You may not participate in activities that you used to enjoy, and you may become withdrawn and isolate yourself from friends or family. You may become distracted, confused and unable to concentrate.

Signs of addiction can be rationalized through internal and external arguments. Maybe you do have the flu, are anxious about an upcoming business presentation or feel stress and need time alone to work things out. It is easy to rationalize away some of these early signs of addiction, but that does not mean that addiction will go away.

Noticing Warning Signs of Addiction in Others

If you suspect that your loved one, friend or colleague in Seattle may be demonstrating warning signs of addiction, you may come up with reasons not to act or speak out. You may say it is none of your business or not your problem or that speaking up could put relationships or jobs at risk. You may also be concerned that you may be held liable either legally or interpersonally for saying something negative about a person that may or may not be true. However many of these are simply excuses, and helping someone requires that you take action.

When it comes to ending addiction, people need to move outside of their comfort zones, take a few risks, be willing to hurt someone’s feelings and be willing to confront someone about the warning signs of addiction. You can provide information, resources and personal support, and you can help turn a life around.

Get Help with the Warning Signs of Addiction

Addiction is overwhelming and sometimes confusing, so give us a call and let our knowledgeable counselors explain drug abuse, signs of addiction and ways to take action. We are available 24 hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to call now.