Preparing Your Home for Life after Rehab

Preparing Your Home for Life after RehabSeattle residents who come home from rehab may ask their loved ones to remove drugs or alcohol from the house. Even if the individual was not addicted to alcohol, it may be beneficial to live in a sober environment during early recovery. Loved ones may consider removing or securing prescription medication and any other paraphernalia or reminders of drug use. By taking these easy steps, you can help prevent your loved one from relapsing into a debilitating addiction.

Prepare a Welcoming Home Environment

Seattle family members of a recovering addict may clean or straighten up the home to provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. They may consider surprising the individual by stocking her favorite foods or by buying her a book or other small gift. This can help her feel more at home during such a difficult time.

Family members may consider attending support groups while their Seattle loved one is in addiction treatment. Counseling and group therapy may help an addict’s loved ones recognize and change behaviors that possibly contributed to the addiction. Through counseling loved ones may also process their pain or anger from the addiction so that they may welcome home their loved one without resentment.

Friends of a recovering drug addict should respect their loved one’s sobriety by avoiding drinking or doing drugs around him. Friends can show their support by checking in on the recovering individual during the first few days back home, and especially by offering to spend time together when the individual is ready.

Individuals returning home from addiction treatment may wish to resume any family responsibilities they neglected while abusing drugs. Communicating with loved ones can help this transition go smoothly and ease any hurt feelings about past mistakes. Seattle residents can encourage each other through support and open communication.

Plan for Relapse Prevention

Seattle loved ones can acknowledge how relationships have changed, and discuss how they can support the recovering addict. Family members may be realistic about expectations and responsibilities, such as bills and childcare while offering to help out. This may be especially helpful for recovering addicts who feel overwhelmed, like single parents or financially burdened families. Individuals coming home after rehab may wish to continue an exercise or diet regimen that they began during treatment. These aspects may be a great way to boost their moods, stay positive and provide structure to build upon in early recovery.

Help for Recovering Seattle Drug Addicts

If you or a Seattle loved one struggle with addiction, we can help. Our counselors can help you find treatment for addiction and relapse prevention. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to learn about treatment options.