Seattle Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Seattle teen drug and alcohol rehabDespite its reputation as a rainy city, Seattle’s climate is actually quite mild. As a result, youth who reside in Seattle enjoy outdoor activities. Walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, motor boating, sailing, team sports and swimming are just a few of the fantastic outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Seattle. There is also Discovery Park, with 535 acres of stunning forests, bluffs and beaches. There are so many recreational activities that keep residents healthy that in 2005 Men’s Fitness magazine named Seattle the fittest city in the United States.

Despite all this beauty and nature to be enjoyed, Seattle’s young people are dealing with an issue that is not healthy for them. Teens are facing peer pressure to do drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, this is more common around the nation than one might think. There is help for our youth when they are confronted with drug and alcohol abuse. Thankfully, one rehab type that is effective is teen drug and alcohol rehab.

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Rehab for Seattle Teens

According to a study done by Pediatrics magazine, over half of the 43,000 individuals interviewed on alcohol and drug abuse started in their teens. The alarming find was that the younger the dependency started, the less likely it is that the person will overcome the addiction as an adult. Intervention is usually delayed because most parents do not recognize the warning signs that their child is abusing alcohol or drugs, and in some cases both.

Because teens are much different from adults, they can benefit from a specialized drug rehab program geared especially for them. Peer groups appear to work best for teenagers; the theory is that teenagers can identify better with their peers than with adults. There have been successes with residential drug alcohol treatments and wilderness treatment. Although residential drug and alcohol treatment has been traditionally the last resort for treatment of teens who are abusing drugs and alcohol, there are studies that prove its effectiveness.

Find Teen Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Seattle Teens

Finding the right program to treat your teen’s drug alcohol addiction is foremost in the battle to get them well. Seattle offers a number of facilities that specialize in treating teens. These programs are specifically tailored to teenagers and their unique needs. There are also specialists who focus on intervention and prevention with teens.