Sober Living Homes for Seattle Addicts

Sober Living HomesWhen you finish rehab treatment, it can be overwhelming. Your sobriety success up until that point has been in part due to the structure that a treatment center offers. Fortunately, after rehab treatment, you don’t need to do it on your own. There are aftercare options available, and sober living homes are one of the options you can choose from to further your recovery.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes are most often run by former addicts. They are offer a structured environment that is designed to help those in recovery support one another, while staying in an environment that is drug- and alcohol-free. These elements are important since addicts can find the transition back to their normal lives to be too much to cope with, and this can cause relapse.  The ways in which sober living environments are similar to a rehab center can help addicts prepare to take on greater responsibility. In fact, while in sober living, the beginning of the process begins.

How Are Sober Living Homes Different from Rehab Facilities?

Sober living homes vary from rehab in a number of ways, including:

  • Addicts are able to leave the premises and spend time with friends and family. In residential rehab, these things cannot happen, at least not without permission.
  • Addicts begin to take on responsibility again. They need to get jobs (or return to a job they had before), pay bills and do chores around the household. These responsibilities are more realistic to what’s required in real life.
  • Addicts have more free time to do what they want. This can lead to temptation, but it can also help them make the right choices — decisions they’ll need to make once they return to real life.
  • Formal therapy is not offered; instead, support is available from other addicts in recovery who have experienced similar struggles.

Should My Sober Living Home Be Located in Seattle or Elsewhere?

When you complete a rehab program, you have a couple of options — you can return home and move into a sober living home, or you can find a place for aftercare in the same area as the rehab center you attended. You may find the latter more appropriate for your recovery because you can reintegrate yourself into a normal lifestyle without all the temptations and distractions that come with being at home, your former place of addiction.

Finding a Sober Living Home for Recovering Seattle Addicts

Sober living homes are offered around the country. We can help you find one if you give us a call today. The call is free.