Sober Relationships after Addiction

Sober Relationships after AddictionMany relationships can promote sobriety, but others can cause harm. Seattle residents must choose the friendships that promote sobriety and not relapse.

Can Recovering Addicts Befriend Drug Users?

During a single meeting or conversation, it may become apparent that you are in recovery and another person is not. This may come about at a meal where your friend orders alcohol and you do not. It might be a neighborhood block party where most people are drinking beer and you have a club soda. It might even be during a business meeting where everyone has an after-dinner drink and you do not. If Seattle residents wish to pursue a relationship, personal or professional, with someone who drinks or uses drugs, there is going to be a difference in perspective. As long as both people understand the needs of the other and both attempt to meet those needs, you could probably enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

Friendships with Other Recovering Addicts

Seattle residents may think that relationships with two recovering addicts is probably the least complicated bond. Both parties have the same desire to stay sober, may attend support groups and even practice sobriety. Furthermore, both parties genuinely understand the dangers of drugs and have the same commitment to avoid relapse. However, one of the biggest concerns in this type of relationship is the risk of relapse. Addiction treatment professionals believe that Seattle residents in this situation should make a clear plan for dealing with the potential for relapse.

Friends who Oppose Sobriety

One of the more difficult relationships for recovering addicts is when one person is in recovery and the other person downplays this. No two addicts have the exact same experiences, but most addicts share the following experiences:

  • Loss of control to the addiction
  • Damage to personal and professional relationships
  • Physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual harm
  • The struggle to seek treatment
  • Enduring detox and taking advantage of the services offered at a quality treatment facility
  • Being fearful of returning to daily life outside of rehab
  • Seeking support from Seattle friends, colleagues, family members and support groups

Because of these similar experiences, Seattle residents who are recovering addicts believe they know what is best for the other person, and deep conflicts may occur.

Seattle Help Finding Sober Relationships

Maintaining any relationship can be occasionally difficult, but add the need for sober relationships may be more difficult. We understand how you may struggle and want help, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about sober relationships.