The Importance of Family Mediation

The Importance of Family MediationThe idea of family mediation takes some people a long time to accept. Discovering that a family member has fallen into drug abuse without the knowledge of his loved ones is enough of a shock; bringing in an outside professional to coach the family on how to relate to their addicted relative will surely feel like an embarrassing loss of privacy. However, if a loved one in the Seattle area is addicted to drugs, seeking the help of a family mediator may be the best way to encourage him to seek treatment. Continue reading

How to Give Your Child a Future after Addiction

How to Give Your Child a Future after AddictionWatching a grown Seattle child struggle with drug abuse may be incredibly disheartening for a parent. Adolescent children are dependent on their parents to meet their needs, and their parents are legally responsible for them, but a college student is responsible for himself, so his parents must do their best to encourage him with the influence that they have. Continue reading