Attention-Seeking Behaviors and Addiction

Attention-Seeking Behaviors and AddictionMany Seattle residents like attention: the allure of being the focus validates people and helps them feel important. However, people with attention-seeking behaviors work for this attention to a disturbing degree. They go to excessive or inappropriate means to get attention, because they require it to feel good about themselves. People with attention-seeking behaviors go to these means to the point that other people view them negatively. Continue reading

The Importance of Family Mediation

The Importance of Family MediationThe idea of family mediation takes some people a long time to accept. Discovering that a family member has fallen into drug abuse without the knowledge of his loved ones is enough of a shock; bringing in an outside professional to coach the family on how to relate to their addicted relative will surely feel like an embarrassing loss of privacy. However, if a loved one in the Seattle area is addicted to drugs, seeking the help of a family mediator may be the best way to encourage him to seek treatment. Continue reading

Should I Avoid Dating While Recovering from Addiction?

Should I Avoid Dating While Recovering from Addiction?Comprehensive addiction recovery requires the careful treatment of both the psychological and physical health of the addict. As this disease has such strong connections to a person’s emotional functioning, it is often recommended that patients focus their full attention on the recovery process without the distraction of dating. While romantic relationships can be a source of great comfort and encouragement to recovering individuals in Seattle struggling with sobriety, they can also present significant challenges to recovery in any of the following ways:

  • Codependency issues
  • Satisfying narcissistic urges
  • Anxiety resulting from relationship complications can trigger relapse
  • Longings for contact with boyfriends or girlfriends can cause recovering addicts to leave treatment prematurely Continue reading