Should I Choose an Out-of-State Addiction Rehab Program?

Should I Choose an Out-of-State Addiction Rehab Program?Finding a rehab program that will put you on the path of sobriety is a great step toward addiction recovery. Choosing a rehab program that will address all of your needs is a vital part of the recovery process, but this may be difficult for some Seattle residents. Not all rehab programs are created equally, and it can be challenging to narrow your available choices down to those that will meet your unique recovery needs. Continue reading

Librium Abuse Dangers

Librium Abuse DangersLibrium is a prescription medication that is very closely related to Xanax and other types of benzodiazepine drugs. This class of drug is often used for the successful treatment of those who are struggling with severe anxiety, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and also certain sleep disorders. Librium and other benzodiazepine drugs are not meant for long-term use. Long-term use can quickly lead to a Librium addiction if Seattle residents use them for longer than initially prescribed. Continue reading

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug Use

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug UseCommitting to addiction recovery can seem like a daunting task, especially for individuals who have professional responsibilities and cannot afford to take the time away from work. But ignoring the issues of drug abuse and addiction often causes personal and professional problems to mount up until they become impossible to ignore. Superiors, colleagues, and even the drug user begin to see the toll that drug use takes on a career. Seattle addicts can learn the steps they must take in order to keep their jobs while taking time to overcome abuse or addiction. Continue reading