The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical Advice

The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical AdviceA great deal of research, soul-searching, and expense went into the decision to enroll in addiction rehab. Unfortunately, many people have expectations about rehab that are not realistic. As a result, these people often leave addiction rehab against medical advice and do not gain the skills needed to maintain their sobriety.

Unrealistic Expectations of Addiction Rehabilitation

Many of the expectations a person has about addiction rehab are not founded on solid information and may include the following assumptions:

  • Once I get through detox, I am healed from my addiction
  • I have the willpower to handle cravings on my own
  • If I stay away from my drug lifestyle, I will not use drugs again

People who hold these unrealistic expectations are likely candidates to leave addiction rehab against medical advice. Unfortunately, they are also candidates for relapse.

Realistic Expectations of Addiction Rehabilitation

Seattle residents can expect a quality inpatient addiction rehab program to be a safe, secure environment in which you can receive the following:

  • Medically supervised detox to manage your withdrawal symptoms safely and with as little discomfort as possible
  • Individual counseling to help you explore the issues that led to your addiction and help you resolve those issues
  • Life skills training to help you understand cravings and triggers and how to avoid them
  • Health, nutritional, and fitness information to help your body heal from drugs
  • Group counseling session in which you can learn from others who have shared experiences
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Aftercare support

It is this complete treatment plan that provides a person with the tools that he or she needs to start their lifelong journey of ongoing recovery.

Give It Careful Thought

Before you make a decision to leave addiction rehab against medical advice, think carefully about all you have invested to date. You have had to approach your employer about your addiction. You may have received time off to get addiction rehab or you may have even received some financial support from your employer with your rehab expenses. This employer is invested in you and your recovery. Leaving addiction rehab against medical advice indicates that you are not invested in yourself or your employer which may result in you losing your job.

Another important aspect of the addiction rehab program is the opportunity for you to rebuild your confidence. When you started down the road to addiction, you made many poor decisions, you destroyed many valuable relationships, and you harmed your physical and emotional health. For you to gain confidence in yourself, you need to receive the benefits from counseling that is offered at addiction rehab programs.

As soon as you entered treatment, you made a financial commitment to yourself. While you wasted your money previously on drugs, you then made a better decision to invest in yourself. Other family members or friends may have also provided you with financial assistance. While money cannot be the sole reason you stay in addiction rehab, it should be something you consider before you leave against medical advice.

Understanding the Benefits of Rehab

There is a lot to consider when exploring rehab including how long you should stay and what are the benefits of remaining in rehab for the recommended timeframe. We are available 24 hours a day to talk to you about the rehab experience so please call our toll free number today.