The Importance of Family Mediation

The Importance of Family MediationThe idea of family mediation takes some people a long time to accept. Discovering that a family member has fallen into drug abuse without the knowledge of his loved ones is enough of a shock; bringing in an outside professional to coach the family on how to relate to their addicted relative will surely feel like an embarrassing loss of privacy. However, if a loved one in the Seattle area is addicted to drugs, seeking the help of a family mediator may be the best way to encourage him to seek treatment.

Seattle Area Family Mediation

Family mediation is simply another term for intervention. By using this fairly new terminology, addiction recovery specialists hope to avoid the negative associations that many have with the concept of a drug intervention. Far from being an emotional conflict filled with hysterical tears, accusations, and melodramatic ultimatums (as entertainment media often portray interventions), family mediation sets the atmosphere for a loving discussion between family members. With the help of a Seattle area mediator, the family mediation can assure the addict of his family’s continuing love, while showing him exactly how his habit is harming him and those who love him, and ending with an earnest request to seek treatment for his own good.

Family Mediation Is Important

It is natural for many loved ones of a newly discovered drug addict to think they know him best and will be the best ones to confront him on the issue. However, drug abuse changes the way an individual’s brain processes wants, needs, pleasure, and pain, making a steady supply of his drug the only thing that he strives to maintain. A family member’s unaided attempts at reforming an addict frequently result in mendacious promises to change his habits and heartrending pleas to give him another chance, all of which are simply tools to regain a foothold in the family’s life with easy access to shelter and finances. When the family has finally had enough of this, the ensuing confrontation can quickly turn nasty, with the addict being told that he will never improve and ordered never to come back. Not only does this wound the younger members of the family, it significantly diminishes the addict’s chance of recovery. By contrast, a family mediator will have years of experience in recognizing and confronting an addict’s excuses and will be able to keep the family discussion on track. With the help of a Seattle area mediator, interventions are more likely to result in positive changes; perhaps not immediately, but with time and persistence, the addict can be brought to see that his family loves him and will stand behind him when he finally chooses to give up his addiction.

How to Find a Mediator for Your Family

If you believe this course of action will help your family, but you don’t know where to start, please begin your search by calling our toll-free helpline. Our trained addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day and can help you find the right professional mediator and answer your questions. Recovery is possible, and we want to help you reach it, so give us a call today.