Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction Recovery

Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction RecoveryEnding substance abuse is a difficult journey for any Seattle resident. The time spent in rehab working with therapists and learning how to rebuild their lives is time well spent, but it can also be crushed within a matter of seconds if a user gives in to the temptation of their former abuse. A major part of rehab is learning how to avoid this situation through the acquisition of strong coping skills and taking heed to tips and advice provided by professionals.

Best Practices to Maintain Addiction Recovery in Seattle

There are many tools and techniques to be learned in rehab that can help you avoid relapse. Taking preventative measures and using best practices such as the following will assist you during recovery:

  • Understand your disease: Before all else, understanding that addiction is an extremely powerful disease. This can help put your addiction recovery into perspective. Knowing that your addiction can creep up at any time will put you in the mind frame that you must do your very best to practice sober living.
  • Vocalize your emotions: Keeping your emotions bottled up inside is like watching a storm brew. The more you keep to yourself about your feelings (both big and small), the more likely you are to become overwhelmed and look for an easy release. By talking with a therapist, a member of a support group or even a loved one can greatly decrease your chances of jeopardizing your sobriety.
  • Avoid trigger situations: When you have an addiction, many parts of your life will have to change in order to support your recovery. This can include anything from a TV show to a social event. Anything that makes you begin to reminisce about your former substance abuse can lead you back down a path of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Attend meetings: Find out where support group meetings are located in Seattle, and go to them. Go even if you feel like you don’t need them, because keeping this part of your life steady takes a great deal of effort, even if you feel that you are okay. The consistent support of others and the outlet provided for you to speak openly about your addiction can save you from going back to the addiction altogether.

There are hundreds of other tips available to a recovering addict to help him or her maintain sobriety. All it takes is a simple phone call, a browse on the Internet, or a trip to a therapist or healthcare provider to learn what it takes to maintain recovery. The most important piece to the puzzle of sobriety is the person, and how badly he or she wants to live a life free from addiction.

Find and Maintain Addiction Recovery in Seattle

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