Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsInterventions are planned confrontations with addicted loved ones. Friends and family gather with the hope of convincing an addict to get help. There are a variety of intervention models and intervention professionals available to Seattle residents, and you should choose the right one to match your unique situation. Intervention models are used to help treat an addict’s addictions.

Johnson Model Interventions for Seattle Residents

The Johnson Model was created for addicts that do not view their addictions as a problem. They have yet to see their addiction or how it has a negative effect on their life. The Johnson Model’s purpose is to motivate the addicted individual to seek treatment. The addict is confronted by a team of close family and friends and a trained interventionist. This team presents the addicted individual with consequences to life in Seattle that continued use may lead to. It is essential that the team is non-judgmental and compassionate while presenting their information. Once the information is presented, it is then up to the user to accept treatment.

Holding an Arise Model Intervention in Seattle

The main focus of an Arise intervention is the treatment and rehabilitation of the user and the user’s family. The Arise Model involves the following three phases:

  • Phase A. This phase is directed towards getting the addicted individual into treatment through a caring and non-judgmental meeting.
  • Phase B. This phase involves supporting the user during his or her time in treatment and recovery. In this phase the interventionist addresses the family’s concerns and any feelings of shame or guilt they may have regarding the user’s addiction.
  • Phase C. Focusing on sobriety and recovery is the main objective of this phase. The interventionist meets with family and friends and observes the recovering individual’s life in Seattle to ensure that recovery is on track.

Invitational Intervention Model

The Invitational Model invites the user to participate in the intervention. There are no secrets or surprises related to an Invitational intervention. This model is a non-confrontational and a non-judgmental form of intervention. The entire family is encouraged to participate. The interventionist will educate the family on addiction and recovery and hold a workshop for the family. This workshop educates the family and helps them address the roles they have in the user’s life in Seattle.

Determine the Best Intervention Model for Seattle Residents

Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about your options for interventions. We can help you determine the best intervention model for you and your addicted loved one, and we can connect you to intervention and recovery resources. We are here to talk 24 hours a day, so please call today.