What Is Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders?

What Is Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders?If an individual facing jail time for drug charges meets certain requirements, he or she may be eligible for entry into a rehab program as an alternative to incarceration. Generally a non-violent first-time offender is eligible for alternative sentencing in the drug court system. The purpose of alternative sentencing is to give people a chance to become sober to prevent future drug use and criminal activity and to avoid putting people into prison, if they are not a threat to Seattle society.

As an alternative to jail time addiction treatment saves tax money and is more effective than prison time at preventing a future drug charge by the same individual. Besides being beneficial to the courts and society addiction treatment is also more effective for an individual’s overall recovery than jail time is.

What Happens during Alternative Sentencing for Seattle Drug Offenders?

Depending on the crime alternative sentencing may involve a number of requirements for the offender. A mental health care specialist may perform an evaluation to determine how beneficial addiction treatment will be for the patient and what level and length of care is recommended. Alternative sentencing may involve probation and outpatient treatment as part of the offender’s normal life in Seattle. For those with more serious addictions and drug charges inpatient treatment may be recommended followed by residence at a sober living home.

Most alternative sentencing will involve regular drug testing and reports to the court on the patient’s progress. Many addiction treatment centers have relationships with the court and are already prepared to meet these requirements. Upon successful completion of addiction treatment and other terms of the alternate sentence, charges are often reduced or dismissed.

How to Get Alternative Sentencing for a Drug-Related Crime

A Seattle resident accused of a non-violent drug offense may be recommended for the drug court system during the initial processing. Police officers and prosecutors would often rather give someone the chance to get help and stay out of the criminal justice system than send them to jail. If alternative sentencing has not been offered, ask your lawyer about available programs. If an offender takes initiative toward their own rehabilitation, the courts will often give them a chance to avoid incarceration.

Why Alternative Sentencing Is a Seattle Resident’s Best Option for Addiction Recovery

Dealing with a drug charge is overwhelming, and entering rehab and the drug court system may seem like another way to complicate your life in Seattle. However addiction treatment is the best option for your permanent record and your life as a whole. Addiction treatment will help you uncover the reasons you abuse drugs and help you find alternative ways to cope and deal with stress. Through rehab you can regain control over your life and actions.

Begin Recovery for Addiction and Avoid Criminal Charges

If you are struggling with addiction, call us now. We can help you recover from addiction before being charged with a criminal offense or help you find addiction treatment that fits the requirements for alternative sentencing. Call now, as our counselors are available 24 hours a day at our toll-free helpline to answer your questions and help you find the treatment you need.