What Should You Look for in a Men’s Addiction Treatment Program?

What Should You Look for in a Men's Addiction Treatment Program?Men have unique issues for abusing drugs, as most addicts are male. Harvard Medical School’s January 2010 Harvard Mental Health Letter reveals that men are more likely to struggle with addiction, and that in 2008 11.5% of teen and adult males struggled with substance abuse, while only 6.4% of women did. Additionally, 20% of men abused alcohol, while less than 12% of women did. Because of the discrepancies between the sexes, many addiction resources and therapy options are geared toward men, but this does not mean that recovery is simple. However, Seattle men can find the right resources for their unique needs, which will help them get started on the path to recovery.

How Men Develop Addiction

Men may develop addiction more readily than women. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s “Gender and Use of Substance Abuse Treatment Services,” men tend to drink or use substances in greater quantities and at greater frequencies than women, and they are more likely to use drugs and develop drug problems than women. While addiction is more likely to occur in men, it tends to develop more slowly in them than in women. A slower-developing addiction makes it easier for Seattle men to ignore early signs of addiction, particularly because they do not hit “rock bottom” as quickly, so they may continue in their addictions for longer periods of time before getting help. This allows time for serious personal consequences and health effects to occur.

Addiction Treatment for Men

Addiction recovery programs understand the unique challenges men face both with drug abuse and with long-term recovery. While Harvard Medical School reveals that co-ed treatment does not come with greater recovery outcomes than single-gender treatment, Seattle patients may benefit from these customized recovery programs. Therapists will help men focus on concerns and personal situations specific to their lives, such as concerns over providing for a family. Group therapy may be offered in gender exclusive settings, so men can feel more comfortable sharing their feelings or opening up about topics they may not want to discuss with women. In other words, if Seattle men find the right help, they can recover from addiction.

Addiction Help for Seattle Men

If you or a Seattle man in your life is ready for addiction treatment, please call our toll-free helpline. Our admissions coordinators can connect you with the best recovery resources and match you with the programs that fit your personality, recovery needs and treatment preferences. All phone services are free and confidential, so reach out right now for instant help.