Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?

Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?Insurance coverage is very specific and can be exhaustingly complex, but using insurance to cover rehab treatment costs may be an option for Seattle residents.

Factors that Determine Addiction Rehabilitation Coverage for Seattle Residents

Your individual situation plays an important role in deciding how much coverage you are eligible for. Many insurance companies are willing to admit addiction is a chronic disease and are therefore also willing to supply coverage. Washington state laws may also influence whether or not insurance companies are required to help with rehab costs. What substance(s) you are abusing is one of the most critical factors in the insurance coverage dilemma. A mild addiction to a less dangerous drug has less risk associated with it, and recovery is likely to be covered. A high risk addiction is less likely to be covered, as strong addictions are accompanied by a high risk for relapse. Past problems with drug abuse in Seattle can also hinder you from receiving coverage.

When seeking insurance coverage for addiction rehab, consider the lasting impact. Insurance records can alter your ability to purchase insurance or possibly limit your employment options in the future. These and other issues should be discussed with an insurance agent or financial counselor at a rehab facility. Speak with a rehab intake advisor who can check on additional government or privately funded programs that could work with your insurance and help with payments.

Insurance Stipulations for Addiction Rehabilitation

Each insurance company is different. You need to take a close and careful look at your policy. If you have trouble understanding certain details or if you want to make sure you didn’t miss anything, contact your insurance agent or the human resources department at work, if you receive insurance through your employer in Seattle. You can also contact recovery helplines, as counselors available through these services can explore your insurance and rehab options. Some small details can limit your choices for treatment depending on your policy and individual situation. You may only be able to receive coverage if you are in an outpatient program or an inpatient program. Other specifics could include length of stay or mandatory follow-up treatment to prevent relapse. You can create a treatment plan that gets the most coverage for the best treatments for you.

Mental Health Issues, Addiction Recovery and Insurance Coverage for Seattle Residents

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008 recognizes people with mental disorders who are suffering from addiction. Under this law your insurance company is required to provide partial or full coverage, if you have existing mental health insurance benefits or substance use disorder insurance benefits. Because of MHPAEA Seattle residents can get better care in rehab. If you have chronic depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or another mental health concern, you may be eligible for greater insurance coverage for rehab.

Call to Learn about Your Insurance Coverage for Rehabilitation

Don’t let financial concerns stop you from getting help for the life-threatening disease of addiction. Feel free to call our toll-free helpline to learn more about your treatment options and insurance coverage for them. Seattle residents can find quality and affordable recovery solutions. Please call now.